the rules of dating a senior

so heres the delio,Lizzie is a normal freshman girl, with a surprisingly amazayn background.What happens when shes been buried in every single brick by boring brick and is just about to give up when she goes to her mums best friends house an finds the boy of her dreams?Who is,a senior?Find out here:)


2. You made my night

When I saw him I kept eating chips and talking to Rayna.But what really suprised me, is that he goes to my school apparently.But ive never seen him before.He had that long,red hair that when you two kiss you can just run your hand through, he had these,wow, beuatiful green sparkling eyes, and a perferablly white skintone.He was cute, and I had my eye on him.I continued chatting with Rayna and eating chips...they were now my new favorite snack:)

Our chat:

"How did you 'cure' your boredom?I thought you were just eating chips.."

"I was,until a beuatiful red haired cutie walked in!"

"No way!Whats his name?"

"I dont know I just met the guy:P Should I make a move?"

"If you feel your ready to,I mean you dont even know his name yet.Just get to know him and go from there.Dose he seem nice?"


"Okay,then get to know him."With those words I left the chips and dip and went over to sit on the seat by the tv.He was sitting on the couch with my mum and Shawna,watching commercials.I sat down and started playing with my phone still messaging Rayna.My mum,Shawna,and the boy started talking about there night at the club and how they wish that he could go.Ive learned by now his name was Christan.About half way through the game, my mum and Shawna went in the kitchen and started talking about there new dating drama.My mum is like a college roomate,literally.Like once, I had my 'last day of school' party with all my friends.I usually am a partier durring the summer.NOT the one that drinks or goes and gets chased by the cops though.Me and my friends just usually hung out,or had fun things like water-ballon fights.One of my friends,Kiara(who can be a trouble maker when she wants to be)wanted to go 'spoon' my neighbors yard.My mum totally went for it!In fact instead of 'spooning' the neighbors yard,we shampooed the yard and the trees.Mum helped,and shes done way other crazy things to.Since Shawna and my mum had gone in the kitchen,and our siblings were playing with barbie dolls watching Nemo,it left me and Christan alone,together.I looked at my phone one last time.I wasmt going to sit here and be bored this hole night when theres a cute guy sitting legity right there in front of me!Of course I want to mingle...but im more of the shy type....

"So,how old are you?"I looked up immiedaitley to the question that was just asked.Did he jsut ask me a question?Wait-what?


"Haha,I asked how old you are."

"oh,sorry,uh,I didnt hear you.Im 14,in a half.No-a quarter.I turn 15 on June 26."

"Are you okay?"

"What?Why wouldnt I be okay?"Actually I wasnt that okay.I was nervous out of my mind,and I didnt even know what to say.Who would think that anybody-yet a senior would be intersted in talking to me?Nobody talks to me besides my friends.Im the shy girl that makes a bunch of mistakes,right?Atleast I thought so...

"You just seem to stutter alot"

"Oh,yeah I dont know why ive just been mispacing my words lately I-um,you know, just comes naturally."

"Did you just copy selena gomez?"

"Uhm,no!Haha,just saying things thats  all."

"Yea...what classes do you have this semester?"Once he asked that I was amazingly happy.Something we could talk about that I didnt know what I would say next,even though school work brings out the worst in me.

"Well yea know,the basics,algebra,history,science,liteture."

"What about your extra-circulums?"

"French,chior,study hall."

"What period is your study hall?"

"5th,do you have one?"

"Nah,just wondering."With that he smiled and turned to his phone.He had one of those phones that has a tiny screen,with a phone keyboard on the front and then you flip it and it has a full keyboard.His smile was cute,one of those that wernt that shy,but then agian it was.It was kind of like one of those half smiles that boys do that just make your heart melt,ya know?But right now we havnt got much to talk about except for schoolwork,which was apsolutley boring.I want to get to know him.Maybe get his number,possibly?I thought of what we could talk about next..something not so boring!Something that will make him interested.

"So do you do any sports?"I asked.There has to be atleast one sport he has done.I mean hes practicily done with his school years.

"I do soccer,and im a huge hockey fan."

"Really?Ive always wanted to do soccer,but never have gotten the chance."

"Why dont you try it out?Its alot of fun."

"Nah,I was on swim team and thats good enough for me.Its really the only sport im good at,I was on basketball but I stunk."

"I train for basketball and swim!"Trainers in this case were people who not exactly trained you,but they helped the team.They helped with injuries,and filled up waterbottles,like the coaches helper.

"Really?I thought I recigniczed you from somewhere."I laughed.Even though this is the first actuall time ive seen him,he didnt look familliar at all.I just needed something to keep the conversation going.

"Yea,so who do you have for history?"After he said that we pretty much just talked about the same thing(s).We talked about what classes we were in,what we like to do in are free time,and expressed how short of a freshman I am.I really dont blame him.Out of all the freshman at my school,im problebly the 4th shortest person.Crazy,i know but its not like im any diffrent!Right....?We kept talking when he started watching the game agian.I started to get thirsty so I went into the kitchen to get a drink,where Shawna and my mum were standing.I listhened to there conversation while I poured myself a drink of hawwian punch.They were jsut gossiping over there next trip to the club.When it was commercials Christan came in and started talking to me,mum,and Shawna.They started talking about his strange shaking ever since they upped his pills.

"What types of pills do you take?"I said.I was cuirous no dought.I took pills to,anxiety and depression ones.But dont judge me before you know my would be suprised what has happned to me.

"He takes the same as you."My mum answerd.Wait a second,what?He dose?How-I thought I was the only one who had a life as dramatic as mine,let alone have crazy anxiety issues and depression as me.I didnt really think of his problem as a downer,nor did I think it as something to look up to.Im just happy that atleast somebody else understood to.

"Oh,but thats never done that to me,even when they upped them."

"Well I guess were just going to have to call a doctor."That was Shawna.To be honest,at first I thought she was going to be like all mums other friends,stuck up and rich.My mum works at an agency for the state to help kids, but all her 'friends' there are really stuck up and there rich.So when I saw Shawna, a girl who is a single woman with 3 kids living in an apartment just like us(except for the fact that we dont have an apartment)then I was suprised,happy even.I could finally be around one of my mums friends who wasnt stuck up and think badly of my aeropostale clothes.And besides that,shes Christans mum,she would support me going out with him!You know if I ever get the guts too ask him out.But I had to hold my ground.I just met him.My past relationships have been nothing but a big mess.One guy was a drug addict,one cheated on me more than four times,and another one who I have been close to since the sixth grade was just plain mean,and didnt care about me.Those are just some examples.Rayna always says to keep my ground.My dad dosnt approve of me dating anybody.Ive had to hide my life from him for the past few years,but he finally found out and I had to pay the consiquence,but now he knows but I keep my dating life secret from him.I wanted to get close to Christan,as soon as possible.Or thats what my heart wanted.But i knew I couldnt do that.Ive always been the clingy type to a guy,but this time it wouldnt work this way.Wheter I liked it or not I had to take it step by boring step.Amd right now as long as I get to know him,I think im alright with that.

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