the rules of dating a senior

so heres the delio,Lizzie is a normal freshman girl, with a surprisingly amazayn background.What happens when shes been buried in every single brick by boring brick and is just about to give up when she goes to her mums best friends house an finds the boy of her dreams?Who is,a senior?Find out here:)


3. He could be the one

"Did you get all of your things?"My mum asked.We were headed out the door leaving there apartment,the snowy air went through my skin as well as the wind through my hair.Me,my mum,and my sibblings ran to our car and started on our way home,Shawnas house was about five minutes away from us.


"So?"I questioned my mum as she did that....she seemed....curious.

"Do you like him?"Now,this is usually what my mum would do.She likes to get nosey and all up in my business.Which i didnt mind at all,shes someone i can rely on,shes never told any of my secrets.


"Hes cute isnt he?"With that a smile just spread accross her face like you would spread penut butter on a sandwhich.


"And to think you were the one that didnt want to come!"

"Mum!Its not like were dating or anything.We barley had a conversation."

"That dosnt mean your not interested."

"No,i am,its just i just met him and plus hes a senior!"

"Well i think he would be perfect for you."

"Why do you say that?We just met."

"He has the same interest as you and you both take the same medication."

"What dose medication have to do with anything?I thought you said that no matter what medication in a person dosnt matter because your still the same."

"In this case its diffrent though i-"

"How?"I cut her off.For the past two years i have been put on anxitey and depression medication because of my past and what goes on in my life.Ive always been told by many people that medication dosnt make you diffrent than anybody else.That im unique but are still the same.Now that theres a guy in my life that i like that has the same interset everything changes that?

"You both our diffrent from the world,you both are stronger in thinking of what you beilive."

"Mum i hate to burst your bubble of intelligance there,but,that didnt make since,like,at all."When i said that she started bursting out laughing.Was i really diffrent?Was she right?Ive always been told the same thing....and now..its completley changed.

"Your funny Liz."Liz was her nickname for me.I was supposed to be named Meagan,but my parents changed it last minute.But from there on out i couldnt stand to argue anymore with her.I knew where i stood my ground,but i was right.Im not any diffrent than anybody else....right?

"Soooooo, mum."


"Dont mimic me..."

"What do you want?"My mum said this while laughing to.I swear her laugh is so annoying and its like my grandmas laugh on my mums side of the family.It was so irritating,i hated and still do hate going out in public with her.

"Do you possibly have Christans number??"I said this with puppy dog eyes and my hands like i was praying,to plead her.

"You dont have to bed,ill give it to you when we get home."Now everything was okay and cleared up.The only thing thats left to do is,get through school tommorow.....

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