the rules of dating a senior

so heres the delio,Lizzie is a normal freshman girl, with a surprisingly amazayn background.What happens when shes been buried in every single brick by boring brick and is just about to give up when she goes to her mums best friends house an finds the boy of her dreams?Who is,a senior?Find out here:)


1. for the first time

"Mum do i really have to go?"i said.It was the day of the superbowl.Everyone i know was going to a party at a nearby church,they have it each year and its tons of fun.I was planning on going until my "friend"/enemy was going.The hole story between me and her was hard to explain,but lets just say all she really wanted to do was use me as a ride so she could hang out there with her new "best friend."Im so tired of her -.- "Yes,dont worry it will be fun." "Fun?its the day o the superbowl i dont even know who this girl is and all my friends are at some stupied church party." "Her name is shawna.Shes my best friend so you could atleast do her the favor of treating her with respect.She bought alot of food for us to eat to."What we were planning on doing was going to my mums best friends house for the superbowl.It was just going to be us so I would be super bored.Theres no kids there my age except for ones that are 7 or 8 which is my little brother and sisters age -.- "Seriously?Why are you putting me through the pain!" "Well if you want I guess you can stay here and ill go get you some fast food."Now this sounded like a great idea,but even though I didnt want to go,im not going to have an burger from mcdonalds on superbowl day.Its about the food and commericals for me. "Well if its the only way I can eat real food i guess ill go." "Good.Now get ready,were leaving in an half hour."   ------------car ride---------------   I was ready.I had my naturally hazelnut brown curly hair scrunched,with a grey beanie on top(im addicted to beanies) and I wore a nice grey sparkely ruffley outfit with black vans.Even though I would want to be any place but here,im not going to go out looking like trash.We got to there apartment and went up the stairs.Once we got to the room I walked in and saw shawna and her two other daughters that once instantly saw my little brother and sister,started playing with them.On the table was the chips and dips and I ran over to it.I started munching when Rayna,my bubbly personality bestie messaaged me on facebook.Shes my sister,she lives in North Carolina and I live in Ohio.We met in 5th grade and in 7th she was forced to move.But that didnt break our friendship,and we talk almost everyday:) our chat: "Hey honeybee!:)"We both called each other honeybee after blake sheltons song,honeybee:) Those were our permanent nicknames. I typed back and said"Hellooo:)" "whats up?" "oh nothing,just spending my Sunday at some weird persons house who I dont even know." "Wut? O.0" "Im at my mums best friends house for the superbowl,and I dont even know her:P" "ohhhhh" "yea,wbu?" "oh nothing just updating my storie:)"Me and Rayna plan to go to college together.I plan to be an author while she plans to manage her acting carrer.Which on my hand was perfectly fine with me. "Nice,im just here in a land of boredom with chips and sauce lol." ":( im sorry honeybee!"Once she said that a boy,(a very cute boy),looked around the age of 16-17 walked in.My mum and shawna ran up to him and hugged him.He stared calling shawna mom.I returned back to my chat with Rayna. "Rayna?" "Yes honeybee?" "I think I might have just cured my boredom."


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