She's Not Afraidđź’™

Laynee bought her best friend Brooke One Direction concert tickets, for her 19th birthday. Harry is Brookes favorite One Direction member but, Laynee is not a big fan of One Direction. Once the concert ended, the girls went back to the hotel and talked all night about how Laynee had started to like Niall. Realizing they were getting hungry the girls snuck downstairs to get a late night snack, where they run into One Direction...


1. She's Not Afraid❤

"Happy Birthday!" Laynee exclaimed. While waking Brooke from her sleep. "You're 19!"
Brooke awoke from her sleep with a smile on her face.
"You are going to have the best week." Laynee expressed. "Let's start it off with great news... WE'RE GOING TO WISCONSIN!"
"Wisconsin....? Umm why Wisconsin?" Brooke questioned.
"You will just have to wait and see, pack you're bags bitch we're leaving tomorrow!" Laynee said.


"You excited?!" Laynee asked.
"Um.. Im a little scared" Brooke laughed.
"Don't worry you're going to love it!"

On the ride there the girls listened too music, ate food, and just gossiped about life.

"Valentines day is in less than a week and i don't have a boyfriend." Brooke sighed.
"Really? Do we have to talk about boyfriends Joe and I just broke up." Laynee sassed back.
"Sorry, I'm just trying to move on from Ryan"
"Hopefully this trip will help with that!" Laynee smirked


Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Laynee got super excited. They hopped out of the car, checked into the hotel and went to there hotel room.

"Get ready hoe, we're going out to eat for you're birthday!" Laynee excitedly said.
"Where are going?" Brooke asked.
"You're favorite Texas Roadhouse!"

The girls got ready, hopped into the car and off they went.
As they waited to be seated the girls talked about the suprise.

"What is my surprise?" Brooke whined.
"Just wait you will find out soon." Laynee said.


"Right this way ladies." The waitress said.

Brooke and Laynee sat in a booth across from eachother. Brooke anxiously waited for her surprise. Moments later Laynee pulled out an envelope and handed it to Brooke. Brooke ripped it open and pulled out two tickets.

"OH MY GOSH! ONE DIRECTION TICKETS! LAYNEE I LOVE YOU!" Brooke shouted jumping up and down.
"Calm down! We're in a restaurant." Laynee joked.
"When is it?!" Brooke tried to calmly speak.
"Tomorrow night at 7."
"Oh no! I have nothing to wear!" Brooke cried.
"Don't worry we will go shopping tomorrow" Laynee laughed "Now lets eat!"



"WAKE UP LAYNEE! WE NEED TO GO SHOPPING FOR THE CONCERT! I need to look hot for Harry." Brooke joked.

The girls got ready and headed to the mall.

They got the mall and heard screaming.

"ITS A SIGNING! THE BOYS ARE HERE!" Brooke shrieked.
"Come on, the line is too long and its too loud you can see them tonight"
"But Laynee..." Brooke whined.


Oh my gosh. These girls need to be qui---
Who is that? Her long brown curly hair flows perfectly with her dark blue eyes. Her bum sits perfectly atop her gorgeous long legs. I need to meet her. Whats her name? Where is she from? I cant take my eyes off of her. Did she come to see me? I looked down to sign a CD and when i looked up... She was gone.


"I don't know what to where!" Brooke complained
"It doesnt matter, its not like they will notice you, there will be thousands of girls there."
"Don't say that! Harry is going to fall inlove with me!" Brooke stated.
"I dont get what you see in him, he is just another famous boy who is probably a douche."
"No." Brooke sternly said. "This is it! This is the dress I want Harry to see me in."
"Alright. Can we go now? These girls are giving me a headache." Laynee whined.

They bought the dress and headed back to the hotel to get ready.


"We are here, we are actually here!" Brooke cheered.
They walked into the arena full of girls screaming and shouting.
"Where are we sitting?" Brooke asked.
"We're sitting in front row!"
"Come on, lets sit down." Laynee laughed.

The boys walked out on stage....


Oh my gosh. Its them, its really them. I cant believe I'm in the same room as them! Harry is so hot. His voice just makes me melt. They are sooo amazing. I just wanna get up on stage with them. I hope harry notices me! His curly hair is perfect and his dimples, oh my his dimples. I just want to touch his dimples. I wish I could see his four nipples. I cannot believe this is real life. This is absolutely amazing. If I'm dreaming then don't pinch me.


These girls are so annoying. They are just guys, I don't get what the big deal is. They probably all think they are hot shit and all the girls want them. Well guess what? I don't. Although, Niall's pretty cute. His irish accent is kind of adorable. They arent terrible singers. Niall's blue eyes are gorgeous. I cant believe I'm saying this... I think I could like Niall.


On the way home Brooke wouldnt stop talking about them.
"I cant believe its over!" Brooke whined.
"I cant believe I'm saying this but, I wish it wasnt over.." Laynee admitted
"See! Arent they amazing!?"
"Yeah, and Niall, Oh my gosh, Niall is outstanding! I love the song they sang it was like "Shes not afraid of all the attention shes not afraid of running wild..."
"SHES NOT AFRAID! I know isnt it amazing!"
The rest of the way home the girls sang Shes Not Afraid over and over again.


I want to see that girl again. She was beautiful. I need to find her!
"Niall, there is this girl I saw at the signing, she was beautiful."
"What was her name mate?"
"I dont know, she wasnt actually at the signing she was at the mall."
"I need to find her Niall!"

Niall and Harry drove separately home because the others wanted to go out. When they reached the hotel they stopped by the vending machine as Harry continued to talk about the mystery girl.


"Lets go downstairs and get a snack, I'm hungry." Laynee said.
As the girls traveled down the stairs Laynee continuously talked about Niall.
"He is so cute, I wish we could me--
Laynee stood staring at Niall in amazement. Harry had his eyes locked on Laynee in shock. Brooke continued to scream at Harry and Niall stared at Brooke in annoyance.
"N-n-niall?" Laynee said.
"Yes, whats you're name?" Niall asked.
"Im Laynee, and this is Brooke"

"Niall... Thats her, thats the girl." Harry said on awe
"Wow, she is beautiful" Niall responded.
Niall walked over to Laynee..
"Hello love, I was wondering, if you would like to go out tomorrow night?"
"Y-yes! I would love too!"

Harry stormed off to their room and Niall gave his number to Laynee and quickly followed. The girls went up to there rooms in shock of what just happened and what is to come.

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