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Stephanie's Birthday is on Valentines Day. Her best friend Niall Horan really wants to celebrate with her but she is too afraid to sneak out from her abusive father. She also does not want to break Niall's Heart. What will Stephanie Do? (1SHOT41D)


1. He's the one i love

Stephanie's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sunlight flashing into my eyes. My eyes began watering, I sat up and rubbed my face. I closed the curtains and quickly tiptoed into the bathroom and took a quick shower. As soon as i got in the hot water violently hit my scar i got last night. I remembered every single detail. I got home and Dad smashed his beer bottle against my leg just because I didn't buy him cigarettes. I remember falling and limping into my room, I packed a small bag. Today was my birthday and i really wanted to leave. After i got out of the bathroom i put on on white tank top, a yellow cardigan, white shorts, and my silver flats Niall got me last year. I looked in the mirror, pleased i began cleaning the house before dad woke up. After i finished i lay on my bed exhausted. I looked over to my phone which rang the next second. It was Niall! I quickly picked it up and answered it. Hello? I asked in my happiest tone. "Oh hey Steph Happy birthday love"  "Thanks Niall I said while twirling with my hair." "So, Can i take you out? I mean if you don't wanna go i'm under- I interrupted "Niall i would love to!" I replied blushing crazily, I'm so glad Niall wasn't here to see it, I would've been so embarrassed. "Alright Love i'll pick you at 2", "Bye," i hung up the phone and threw it across my bed. I fell back and screamed as loud as i could "I'M GOING ON A BIRTHDAY DATE WITH NIALL JAMES HORAN"!!!!!! I heard my dad's loud footsteps stomping closer. I quickly dashed into my huge closet. I hid all the way in the back. The door slammed open. "STEPHANIE!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!" He left my room and i'm guessing he went outside to look for me because the downstairs door slammed shut. I was too scared to come out so i stood there for about 15 minutes until a small pebble hit my window. I flinched and quickly got up and opened the window looking down to see Niall. Hey Steph!! Its 2:00 love!! He yelled as he waved. Oh hey Niall, I blushed then i remembered "If I came home with Niall later my dad is gonna hurt me REALLY REALLY bad". I might as well stay home and take the beating now. I looked out the window "Niall I cant go I have to go somewhere". A doctors appointment! I explained to him. He smiled and said "C'mon Steph im your best friend I know your lying". I sighed, Its too much to explain from up here i told him. Before i could say anything else Niall climbed a tree and sat on my window sill. "Love, tell me the truth". He said as he looked into my eyes. His icy blue eyes were beautiful and they made me pour everything out, all the horrible things my father did to me. I told him EVERYTHING. He listened and he was such a good listener. I started crying right into his shoulder. He patted my back. C'mon lets get out of here He said while opening the window. But Niall I cant leave what if my dad finds me he'll really hurt you I explained to him while i wiped a tear. 

Nonsense, He jumped out and signaled me to come. I grabbed the bag I packed and threw it down, I then jumped hoping to land safely. I fell right into Niall's Arms and he carried me to his flat. 

As soon as we got there Niall knelt down and began speaking Stephanie Ma- Just then Zayn came in 

Hey guys!! C'mon!! We're gonna go to Nando's for Steph's Birthday!! He grabbed my arm and we left. I could see Niall walking behind us with an annoyed look on his face. We drove to Nando's where the boys had set up a little party for me. As we walked in Louis, Harry, Liam, Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND VALENTINES DAY STEPH"!!! I hugged everyone "Oh thank you guys!! You guys really didnt need to do this". I said while looking around. "We love you soo much and you deserve it" Perrie replied while snuggling close to Zayn. Suddenly the music began blasting and everyone started dancing. Perrie and Zayn, Louis and Eleanor, and Liam and Danielle. Harry was talking to Niall on the dance floor, I could tell they were talking about me because they kept pointing and they kept glancing. I was sitting on the bench with no one to dance with until Niall walked up to me. "Stephanie would you like to dance"? I got up "Of course". And with that we danced and danced. About an hour later Niall was gonna take me back to his flat he said he needed to talk to me. We went outside of Nando's but then Louis and Eleanor came out and took me to the their car. "We need to take you to buy your birthday present". Eleanor told me while we were in the car. They drove me to the mall and Eleanor bought me a pair of new heels and Louis bought me a pair of striped shirts and toms. "Now you can dress like me"! He said laughing. Eleanor just giggled. The whole time Niall was behind us walking slowly with a strange expressionless look on his face. As we were leaving Niall took my arm and rushed me to the car. I really need to show you something Stephanie its really important I could tell he was nervous. Before he could drive off The rest of the gang caught up and rushed into the car. Hey Niall stop by th- NO!!! Enough Celebrations!! I need to talk to Stephanie!!  This is the most important day of my life.... He said as he drove to his flat. He and I got out the car and stopped in front of the door for his flat. Stephanie... I have a confession to make Niall told me as he grabbed my hands. What is it Niall? I had a worried looked on my face. He opened the door and led me inside. I was amazed. There was red candies and hearts everywhere. There were balloons and right in front of my feet lay a white and red cage with me and Niall's names on top. It began moving, I backed up and fell into Niall's arms. He knelt down and opened the cage and out came a white small kitten with a boy on his neck. I gasped and picked her up. NIALL!! Oh my god this is beautiful I started crying and hugged him. Stephanie I really love you.. Will you be mine? He looked me in the eyes, I have been waiting for this moment since i met Niall. YES!! NIALL!! I hugged him. He looked me in the eyes. "Stephanie I love you and i want to be there for you forever i wont let anything happen to you." He said as i looked back into my eyes. I leaned in and kissed him while messing up his hair. Our first kiss seemed like it lasted forever, I didnt want it to end either.


Even though i was abused and my life was horrible when Niall James Horan came into my life it brightned up i can see our future together,


He's the one i love.............................

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