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Hello im Max and..Welcome to my story...Our story..I have a really close friend named Alex but..I dont think he has a crush on me..But i have one on him..Most guys love me and call me beautifull or sexy...Anything but..I dont see it..My friends Jeydon,Maddy,Kowanna,and Jon (My Ex)are trying to hook us up..But..Something stands in my way and I instantley star falling for 5 other guys.


5. Irrisistable

i~*Max's P.O.V*~

      ~*Time Skip*~

The finall bell rung.FINALLY!!

I walked out of class and saw Niall waitng there for me.

"Hi Niall"I blushed

"Hi"He said looking at his feet looking guilty.

"Whats wrong?"I asked

Niall took a deep breath and said"Im sooo sorry I Did that!Your just so...Irrresistable!"

I blushed.He wouldnt shut up and kept on rambleing on about hes sorry.I kissed him.We stayed like that for 10-15 sec.We pulled away and we saw all the boys standing there.Heart broken.Sad.There eyes were wattering.

"Wow..Umm...I-im sorry...." Liam said and turned away and walked away fighting away the tears.

"Dang...And I thought I was close..."Harry said disapointed..

"Oh Im so sorry"Zayn said.I didnt know him tht well but he looked a little disapointed.

"NO SNOGGING ON SCHOOL TERRITORY!!!!!!!"Louis shouted.Everyone laughed for a second but...Saddened...Even Louis did

"I-Im so-...Sorry!"I cried.

"Its okay.."They said but..Liam was gone..

My heart was torn into two.I dont know where to go.I wanted to be with all of them but..I cant.Harry I wanted to be with but..He might cheat on me.Zayn but.Hes to.Mysterious but..Maybe becouse i dont know him that well.I want to be with Niall becouse..He makes me feel safe and hes so innocent..Louis becouse hes also innocent and funny.Liam becouse.Hes calm and he cares about me..

I ran out and tears poured into my eyes.Niall was chasing after me..And soon after..All of them were.

"Max please!!!"Niall said and stoped.I turned back and looked.He looked so sad

I walked twords him and he pulled me into a hug.I cried on his soulder.

"I feel soo bad!" I cried.

"Your an angel!Dont ever say that!"Niall protested.

I stood back a little and looked into his eyes.

"I-m so scared!"I cried.

"Why?" He asked.

"M-my dad..."I stoped crying and memories poured into my head.

"What did he do!?"He said angerly.

"Hes abuseive"I said.


~*Harrys P.O.V*~

Wow..I loved Max but..She loves Niall.I feel so bad.Not for me but.For her.Shes cought in the middle.I saw her crying on Nialls shoulder.I walked over.

"Max!Whats wrong?"I asked worried.She was a wreck.

"My-my dad...Im worried he going to be there!"She cried.Wow.This means he must be a real jerk.

"We will pretect you..Niall and I"I said.

She smiled faintly and said "O-Okay...can you guys please come with me.

"Sure!"Niall and I said.

We followed her and asked her why is she scared and he has done terrible things to her...TERRIBLE...He was majorly abusive.Phisicly,mentally and verbally.

We arrived and we walked in.Wow..He looked like a drunk..

Here goes nothing...


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