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Hello im Max and..Welcome to my story...Our story..I have a really close friend named Alex but..I dont think he has a crush on me..But i have one on him..Most guys love me and call me beautifull or sexy...Anything but..I dont see it..My friends Jeydon,Maddy,Kowanna,and Jon (My Ex)are trying to hook us up..But..Something stands in my way and I instantley star falling for 5 other guys.


3. Heart Attack


I walked into the lunch room scamming around to find Jon then I finailly found him standing at a table.

"Hey I there you are!"He smiled

"Yup here I am"I smiled then Maddy and Kowanna came running after me.

"Here they are"I laughed.

"Lets go meeet your friends"Maddy demanded and smiled.

Jon laughed and walked to a table.While we were walking down I could make out 5 guys there.One had nice blonde fluffy hair,another had big thick cury hair,one had a black quiff,One had straight blonde hair that was longish and the last one had Brown...I cant explain it.Its too awesome for words.

We got to the table and sat down.I sat next to the blondie with straight longish hair.

"Okay guys this is Harry,Louis,Niall,Zayn,and Liam."Jon said pointing to each of them.

Wow..They all were amazaynling HOT..I blushed just to think of then shirtless.

"Hello?You there"Louis said waving his hand infront of my face.

"Oh sorry yeah im here"I smiled and laughed.He smiled

God..Whenever these guys smile i swear i could just die in my seat.

"So whats your name?"Niall asked.

"Oh i'm Max"I said.

"And this is Maddy and Kowanna"I laughed pointing to them.


*Nialls P.O.V*

I smiled and laughed.Wow she was beautiful.NO.I cant be in love with her...I just met her...

"So what do you like to do?"I asked randomly.She laughed.

"I like to Sing,Draw,play my guitar,Play Video games,..Make musc."She laughed.

'What you make music?"I said amazed and even in more love.

"Yeah...I use my guitar and randomly make it or I go to my friends and make techno"She smiled blushing.

"Wow...I make my own musik too but...Just cross out the techno"I laughed.

She laughed too and blushed.Wow that made my heart melt..A-a heart attack?.

"So what do you like?"She questioned.

"You..."I said daydreaming.

"Excuse me"She said innocently.

"You Tube?"I said.

"Okkk Ohkay"She smiled.

"Yeah i like to upload videos of me singing on there and dancing."I said.

"Really!?"She smiled and said amazed.

"Yeah"I laughed.

"Thats awesome!!!"She gushed.

Wow...Im in love...And then we started talking..Untill Harry came in...

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