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Hello im Max and..Welcome to my story...Our story..I have a really close friend named Alex but..I dont think he has a crush on me..But i have one on him..Most guys love me and call me beautifull or sexy...Anything but..I dont see it..My friends Jeydon,Maddy,Kowanna,and Jon (My Ex)are trying to hook us up..But..Something stands in my way and I instantley star falling for 5 other guys.


1. Go Read A Book???

"BUZ BUZ BUZ" My alarm clock was screaming in my ears.I slammed myhand on it and it crashed onto the ground.My mother enterd the room and said grogily"Max  wake up sunshine" and walked out the room to fall asleep.I got up and rubbed my head thinking of the dream I had..

I stommped into the kitchen and put the tea kettle on the stove.I stumbled into the bathroom and brushed my hair.I put this on and walked out.I ran into the kitchen before the kettle started shreiking.I poured in the steaming hot watter and put in a tea bag.I poured in some milk and sugar and mixed.I let it cool for a munite or so and i took a sip..

"Hmmm its missing something.." I whisperd..

I went to the fridge and got a hold of whipped cream in a can.I sprayed it in and took a sip."Yummm" I moaned and walked into my room.

I got onto my youtube channle and looked at my comments 'Wow your amazing!!!!' 'You shold become a singer!!!!!' and so many other nice comments.Yup.I was a singer and so many loved me..I got over 100,000 subcribers and about 1,000,000 veiws.I  slammed my laptop shut and fineshed my tea.

I then walked into my bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teath."Minty fresh!!!"I hollared and started laughing.Yeah I am weird..I looked at my face in the mirior and groaned..

"Ugghh.....Im so ugly!"I whisperd and walked out.

I walked to my mother and I said "Mom you gotta drop me off at the bus."

My mother shook her head and tossed and turned.

"No...G-go read a book"...her voice crackled.

I thought..Really? Go read a book??I sighed and laughed and got my backpack.

I walked out the door letting the cold breeze hitting and whipin my face and my hair.I looked around and thought of how exited I am for my first day of High School..My Freshman year.

I saw a bench and sat there then saw my friend Maddy walk over to me.

"Hey sis!"She laughed and gave me a hug.

"Hey"I smiled and patted the seat next to me for her to sit.

She took her seat and smiled..We sat there for a while in silence a awkward silence..

"So how have you been?" I questioned.

"Great you"She said

I looked down and said some what sad and happy"Im doing allright.Its just my mother"

She frowend and said "Oh Im sorry"

The bus came roaring up the hill and came to a stop.We got on and I sat to by BFF Luana.



A/N:Hey I hope you like and I will add 1D in this but..Should  I continue?? and comment below

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