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Hello im Max and..Welcome to my story...Our story..I have a really close friend named Alex but..I dont think he has a crush on me..But i have one on him..Most guys love me and call me beautifull or sexy...Anything but..I dont see it..My friends Jeydon,Maddy,Kowanna,and Jon (My Ex)are trying to hook us up..But..Something stands in my way and I instantley star falling for 5 other guys.


4. Cutt Off

*~Harrys P.O.V*~

I saw Niall and Max talking for awhile now and I cant take it no more.

"Hello Love"I said.She blushed.

"Hi..."She blushed.

"So how is your day?"I asked

"Good I guess..You?"She said confedently said.

"Great...Why is your day great?"I smiled.

"Oh becouse I met new friends and I got a A+ on my art assinment...You" She happily laughed and smiled

"Becouse I met You" I flirted.She turned red

"OKAY OKAY OKAY!Soooo uhhh do you like school???"Niall Changed the subject.

I saw she was thankfull that he did..But I knew that she had feelings for me.I know she dose...


~*Liams P.O.V*~

Niall and Max kept on rambleing on about stuff but..I wanted to talk to her privetly..And just know her..She was beautiful.But.She would never fall for me..She turned to me.

"Your Liam right?"She questioned.

"Yeah"I blushed.

"Okay so whats your favorite things to do?"She laughed listening to Niall screaming becouse Louis stole Nialls carrot.

"Oh I like to sing,chill at home,Care for people and I like baby sitting.You?"I replyed

She laughed.

"Thats cool I like to Sing,Draw,play my guitar,Play Video games,..Make musc."She smiled.God that made my heart melt.

"Oh thats cool"I said exitedly.

She smiled."Thanks"

The bell rung.


~*Max's P.O.V*~

The bell rung.

"Would you like me to walk you to class?"I heard a Irish and british voice say grabing my arms.I look up and it was Niall and Liam.

I laughed."Sure!"

They both walked me to class and dropped me off.Liam gave me a hug i hugged him back and left.Niall was standing there bitting his lip..Debating something..

"Whats wrong Nia-"And I was cutt off by a kiss on the cheek.

"See you later!"He winked and walked off.


~*Time Skip*~

The finall bell rung.FINALLY!!

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