The Drummer's Sister

Being the sister of One Direction's drummer is pretty crazy. Rachel Devine, sister of Josh Devine, knows the worst of it. Her life is pretty drama-filled compared to the average 15 year old. Things get pretty heated when she is invited to a One Direction party. She never expected these things to be happening to her at such a young age. She finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle with the 20 year old Zayn Malik and 19 year old Harry Styles. Being seen with such a young girl risks One Direction’s reputation. When Josh tries to put an end to this drama, a huge fight sparks and the band is at risk of splitting up. Rachel's anger builds up when Josh says that she can never see Harry or Zayn again. What extremes will she take to get her life back on track?
(Recommended age: 14+)


3. Steamy Party


~Rachel's POV~

Zayn reached for my hand and led me to the limo. I have to say, he's quite the gentlemen. "Ladies first!" Zayn says and he opens the limo door for me. I smile at him, and scoot in. I end up sitting in the corner window seat, next to Zayn, which I was pretty happy about. 

On the way there, Louis starts telling us the awkward story of when they recorded their song 'Rock Me'. I swear I blushed the whole time and it seemed like Harry noticed. Did he like me? No! Rachel, are you stupid?! Why would he like someone like me? Maybe he's just being his flirty self.


We arrive at the party and music is booming and I can literally feel the bass in my throat. TONS of celebrities were there. I could have peed myself due to fast-breathing and fangirling! It was so cool. Just yesterday I was in school with a bunch of everyday people and tonight I'm at a party at Simon FREAKING Cowell's house! With One FREAKING Direction!! I realized that I haven't texted Katie today and she would be worried about me. I have never told her that my brother's a drummer for One Direction because she probably wouldn't believe me, so she definitely wouldn't believe where I'm at now.. Oh well! 

I look around and everyone looks like they're either talking to someone, dancing, or passed out on the floor. This is majorly crazy! I haven't been to a high school party this steamy and crazy! I kind of felt awkward just standing there all by myself, so I go over to where Harry and Zayn are talking. "Hey boys! What's up?" I say as I approach them.

"Oh, hey Rachel." Harry replies in his husky voice, damn, it's so hot. Zayn just smiles, looking kind of guilty. Hmm.. That’s weird. "Want a drink?" Harry asks. I look over where Josh was dancing and I see him all over a girl in the corner. Well that’s good, he’s distracted. I turn back to Harry. "Um.. Sure, I'll take anything." I smile at him. He smirks and pours a light brown liquid into four shot glasses, then hands two of them to me. Zayn mutters something under his breath and walks away. I wonder what's up with him. "Here, ready? 1, 2, 3!" Harry says and we both throw our heads back and slam our first glasses on the table. Whoa! "Holy shit Harry! Whatever that was, it was strong!" I say slurring already. I usually don't drink alcohol.. Like ever.. So I could feel the effects already. He laughs. "You don't drink much, do you?" He says smirking. "Is it that obvious?"

He just chuckles again. "Ready for the next one?" To be honest, I wasn't. I felt queasy and sick. But of course I was with the Harry Styles, so why not! "Yep!"  I said getting ready to slam the next one.


Harry and I ended up having four shots each of that brown liquid. I could tell that I was a LOT more affected by the alcohol than Harry. Everything was a little burry. HA! More like really blurry. I don't know where I am. Some kind of bedroom. Oh no oh no oh no.. I've seen this in movies. Girl gets drunk, girl finds herself in a bedroom, then girl gets raped. I'm going to die. I try to get up but I keep falling down, unable to control myself. I hear a familiar husky voice chuckling. "H-Harry?" I slurred.

"Calm down, you're fine. I'll keep you safe." He whispered, taking me into his arms, carrying me bridal style.

~Harry's POV~

Rachel was passed out and completely hammered by the fourth shot, so I took her into the nearest bedroom and sat her down on the floor while I closed the door behind me. I hear stumbling and I look over to see Rachel tripping over herself and I laughed to myself. "H-Harry?" She said looking around. She was definitely shitfaced. I walked over to her and said. "Calm down, you're fine. I'll keep you safe." I picked her up bridal style and placed her on the bed. She looked so vulnerable, I almost felt bad.

I slipped off my shoes and crawled onto the bed next to her. "Rachel," I said whispering in her ear, "Just stay calm and go with it." I admit that sounded kind of bad, like I was going to rape her or something, but I would never do that. I caressed her cheek and started kissing her neck. Slowly at first, then more passionately. I found her sweet spot and nibbled at it, causing her to moan softly. I smirked, I wanted to hear more. I kissed her once softly on the lips. Then I sat back and looked at her precious baby-doll face.

She was beautiful, her skin was so soft and pale. I wanted her. I wanted her so much. I felt lust build deep within me but I held myself back.. Mostly. I recalled her walking down the stairs back at my flat with her perfectly curled hair and glowing skin. Then I remembered just this morning, Rachel staring at me, checking me out with her dark-blue eyes. I had to give in. I pressed my lips against hers softly, but soon after I deepened the kiss. Rachel tried her best to push me away. She turned her head, breaking the kiss. "Harry," She moaned. "I can't.."

"Baby, it's okay, trust me." I said as I pulled her back in. She pushed me away again. "Harry, I think there's been a misunderstanding.." "You're right, Rachel! There has been a misunderstanding! I didn't bring you here to talk!" I said angrily, pushing her hands back, above her head.  I started kissing her again, but this time, more rough. I don't know what came over me; I just wanted her so bad. Her slurred squeals became moans as my tongue entered her mouth. I sat her up against the headboard of the bed. I grabbed handfuls of her hair and deepened the kiss again. Lust took over me once again.

"Rachel," I said in between kisses. "Take your dress off." I demanded as a tugged at her dress. "Harry, no." She said struggling to get out of my reach. I put all of my weight on her. "Rachel! Dress off! Now!" I yelled probably a bit too loud. "Harry, p-please!' She said squirming under my weight. "Rachel!" I yelled, getting really angry. "Do it!" I yelled. Just then the door flung open and Josh, Zayn and Niall come flying in.

"Harry! What the bloody hell!" Niall yells. "Harry! Get the fuck off of her!" I hear Josh scream. "What the fuck, mate!" Zayn yells. Out of panic, I try to get out of the bed as fast as possible. I trip on one of the sheets and fall back on my head. Everything was blurry....





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