The Drummer's Sister

Being the sister of One Direction's drummer is pretty crazy. Rachel Devine, sister of Josh Devine, knows the worst of it. Her life is pretty drama-filled compared to the average 15 year old. Things get pretty heated when she is invited to a One Direction party. She never expected these things to be happening to her at such a young age. She finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle with the 20 year old Zayn Malik and 19 year old Harry Styles. Being seen with such a young girl risks One Direction’s reputation. When Josh tries to put an end to this drama, a huge fight sparks and the band is at risk of splitting up. Rachel's anger builds up when Josh says that she can never see Harry or Zayn again. What extremes will she take to get her life back on track?
(Recommended age: 14+)


7. Privacy Much?!


~Harry's POV~

I was shocked and embarrassed at the same time. I'm not allowed to even be around Rachel now.. I completely regret everything I did at the party. I admit that I'm a total asshole. I sit awkwardly on a stool at the kitchen island with Louis, talking. I see Josh jog down the stairs with a blank expression on his face.

His eyes meet my gaze and I flood with guilt and turn away. I feel his stare drill into my soul, making me feel awful. I chew at my bottom lip as Josh walks to the fridge and gets juice. He stares at me the whole time, making me feel unbelievably uncomfortable. His eyes stared into me as he takes a glass from the cupboard and slams the glass on the counter, between us.

He was now sitting at the opposite side of the island, slowly pouring the juice into the glass, not taking his eyes off me for one second. I couldn't take it anymore. "Stop it! Okay?" I yell, staring back. He chuckles. "Guilty much?" He asks and I roll my eyes.

"So, tell me Harry, how was she?" He asks smirking. What the hell was he playing?! I glare into his eyes. "Not funny." I say bluntly. "Actually, no, Harry. What's not funny is the fact that you almost FUCKED MY FIFTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER!" He says normally at first but then he began yelling. I was taken aback. I swallow the lump in my throat. "Josh, I said I was sorry.." I say quietly.

Louis clears his throat, reminding us that he was still there. "Well, I'm going to leave you guys alone, yeah?" Louis says and walks off. I look back to Josh and he's already staring at me. "You didn't answer my question, Harry.." He says.

"You made me and Rachel feel like shit, so now it's your turn. I'm going to make you feel as guilty as possible, so I know you'll never do this again."  He stares at me angrily. I can't think of anything to say so I just stay silent.

"So, tell me Harry.. How was she?" He asks. "Was it worth it?"

I still say silent. "Harry!" Josh yells. "Fucking answer me!" 

"I-I don't.." I trail off. "Tell me, Harry.." He says, almost in a whisper. I take a deep breath and squeeze my eyes shut, desperately trying to control my anger. "Harry!" Josh yells.

I slam my fist down and the counter, I've had enough. I quickly turn away from him and stomp off to my room. "You didn't answer me!" I hear Josh yell and I flip him the bird before I slam the door to my bedroom.

~Rachel's POV~

I smile at Zayn, staring into his honey-colored eyes. He returns the smile. I sniff and realize how bad I must look from all the crying. I still haven't cleaned off my makeup from yesterday. I reach up and touch my hair that's twisted up in a messy bun. It's slightly oily; it could go without a shower but I needed one so I could clear my head.

"Zayn, I'll be back. I'm going to take a shower." I tell him while fighting the ponytail out of my hair. I get up and head over to the bathroom in the corner of my room. I hear him chuckle and I turn around. "What?" I ask. "The shower in there doesn't work." Zayn says, amused for some reason. I scuffed and opened the bathroom door, choosing not to believe him. "Very funny, Zayn." I say in a sing-song voice and he chuckles again. I walk over to the shower and push the curtain aside, kneeling down next to the faucet. I turn the knob counter-clockwise and I hear a loud monster-like groan that seemed like it came from the walls. A few small spurts of water fall out of the faucet. I panic and turn the knob back around.

Zayn starts laughing and I march over to the door. "You think this is funny?" I say with my hands on my hips. He just nods and walks over to me. "Don't worry, you can use the shower in my room until Hazza decides to fix yours." He says with a chuckle. I roll my eyes, trying to understand what he was planning. He takes my wrist and leads me to his room. I smile as I see his bed duvet all crinkled and unmade from this morning and I remember how we were cuddling and kissing and wrestling.

He opens the bathroom door for me and watches me walk in. I turn around and awkwardly stare at him, waiting for him to leave, but he didn't. "Zayn.. " I say crossing my arms over my chest, trying my best to look annoyed. "Mhmm?" He hums. I scuff again and push him out of the bathroom. He just stands there looking as innocent as can be. I point to the main door to his bedroom and say, "Zayn, I don't trust you!" He just chuckles. "Out!" I raise my voice, holding back laughter, even though this was in no way funny. He pulls me by my waist, bringing me close. He kisses me neck once, softly. "You shouldn't." He whispers, sending shivers down my spine. I bite my bottom lip, trying to control my breathing. This reminds me of Harry last night. He smirks and walks out of the room.

I stand there, still in shock. I shake my head, breaking out of my thoughts. I go back into the bathroom and undress, throwing my clothes in the corner of the room. I step into the shower and I was immediately overwhelmed by the familiar smell of Zayn. There was a surprising amount of hair products in the shower. I smirked to myself; Zayn obviously loves his hair. I turn the water on and stood there, letting my thoughts take over. Okay, so here's what I know:

Josh seems upset with me at the moment, but at least I'm not Harry. He's really pissed at Harry but I can understand why.

Harry is a total asshole; I don't think I will ever forgive him. To be honest, I don't want to see his face ever again.

Zayn is such a sweetheart. I really like him but there's something mysterious about him. I want to know his story, his mystery. I plan to figure it out what it is.

Louis is extremely funny and I believe that I can totally come to him when I need cheering up.

Liam is like another brother to me, he is so sweet and sincere. I can tell him anything.

Niall obviously shares my obsession with food, we will definitely need to have a snack night.

~Harry's POV~

I sit quietly on my bed addressing exactly what just happened. One of my best mates officially hates me.. Well it's not my fault he decided to ask his hot sister to come to London. I still feel bad though.

My phone buzzes and I shuffle my pillows and duvet around until I find it. I sit back and read the text.

Samantha;) : Hey Haz, I'm feeling a bit naughty today;) wanna come over? Xx

I smirked as I read it . Samantha was one of my one night stands. We met at a club about two months ago but we've met up a couple of other times just for fun. I wondered if I should accept the offer. I roll over on my stomach and reply to the message. I needed to get away for the night, I could use it.

Harry;) : I'm up for that;) I'll be there in an hour. I'll bring vodka;)

And with that I threw my phone to the side and got up. I started getting ready. I pulled on a white V-neck tee and a dark pair of jeans. I walk over to my bathroom and looked for my cologne but  I couldn't seem to find it.. Then I remembered that I had lent it to Zayn yesterday because he left his at Liam's flat. Shit.. I looked out of my bedroom and Zayn was lying on the couch watching TV so I decided I would just find it myself.

I quietly jogged up the stairs and walked into Zayn’s room. I quickly looked around his room for my cologne. Under normal circumstances I would just ask Zayn for it but he kind of hates me at the moment.. I found my cologne and was about to walk out when I realized that the shower was on. Wait.. If Zayn is downstairs and so are the rest of the boys.. Then that must mean..

I smirked and tiptoed over to the bathroom door. I quietly turned the knob and opened the door. I stepped in and shut the door behind me. I moved to the corner of the bathroom so I could get a view of the shower. I could just barely make out Rachel's features through the foggy glass. I grabbed the hem at the bottom of my shirt but I stopped myself. What the hell was I doing?! God I am so stupid. I started to head back to the door but just then the water turned off and the shower door opened.

I ducked back and shuffled backwards. I suddenly ran into the wall and I slipped to the side. I fell hard on my bum with a loud thud. I stood frozen in place, totally exposed. "Zayn?" I heard Rachel whisper-yell. Oh God oh God.. I swear my heart was going to explode. I was shaking by now.

~Rachel's POV~

I swear I heard someone in the bathroom right after I stepped out of the shower. I whisper-yelled, "Zayn?" No answer.. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body. My wet feet padded across the tile and I peeked around the room divider and there sat Harry on the ground, against the wall.

I was about to run out of the room and scream when Harry quickly shuffled his way off of the floor and blocked and door. "Harry, open the door now!" I stated angrily trying to shove him out of my way though it was quite difficult when I was using one hand to hold up my towel. "Why? So you can go tell Zayn?" He half-smirked. "HARRY I SWEAR!-" He shoved his hand over my mouth and whipped me around with his other hand so that I was now against the door. "Shut up! Will you!" He whisper-yelled. "Let me go!" I hissed in his face. "Are you going to tell Zayn or Josh?" He hissed back.

"Harry! Let me go!" 

"Are you going to tell them or not?!" He hissed, getting closer to my face. "Obviously I’m going to tell them!" I spat turning my head so he wasn't as close. "You do, and I'll do something that you'll regret.." He whispered and smirked, turning my face back to him.

My eyes grew wide and I felt frozen. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. I sighed and looked at the ground. "Well?" Harry asked impatiently. “What do you mean by ‘something I’ll regret’?” I asked frightened. “Let’s just say I have some bright ideas involving you and me..” He said smirking.

I rolled my eyes . "Fine.. I won't tell.." I said still facing the ground. Though I couldn't see it, I could tell he was smiling. "Good." Harry said. He tilted my chin up towards him and looked into my eyes. I pulled away and looked at my feet. We were still well aware that I was only covered by a towel. "Hey.. " He whispered, tilting my chin again, "Rachel, I promise I would never do that again.." 

"Wow, you must always get your way with women, don't you?" I hissed at him raising my voice. "Well not with me, Harry. I am not stupid and I'm not falling for that game again!" I turned away from him and groaned in frustration. "Why don't you trust me..?" Harry mumbled angrily under his breath. I scuff and roll my eyes. 

He whipped around, marched over to me, grabbed my wrists and pushed me against the wall. My towel slowly slid down my body and I felt a chill creep up my spine. Harry surprised me when he stared straight into my eyes. His eyes didn’t even flicker towards my body. He leaned in, being careful not to press his body against mine, and kissed me passionately.

He pulled away after a while and looked into my eyes, his emerald orbs making me melting. Not once had he looked at my body.

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