The Drummer's Sister

Being the sister of One Direction's drummer is pretty crazy. Rachel Devine, sister of Josh Devine, knows the worst of it. Her life is pretty drama-filled compared to the average 15 year old. Things get pretty heated when she is invited to a One Direction party. She never expected these things to be happening to her at such a young age. She finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle with the 20 year old Zayn Malik and 19 year old Harry Styles. Being seen with such a young girl risks One Direction’s reputation. When Josh tries to put an end to this drama, a huge fight sparks and the band is at risk of splitting up. Rachel's anger builds up when Josh says that she can never see Harry or Zayn again. What extremes will she take to get her life back on track?
(Recommended age: 14+)


2. One Sexy Morning


~Rachel's POV~

I don't quite remember going to bed last night, I'm guessing I fell asleep on the way to Harry's flat and someone carried me up, but now I find myself in a big room painted with light pastel colors. There was a large wardrobe and vanity. There were also several mirrors in the room and light blue curtains covered the windows. It was a nice room, but definitely not my style. I saw my suitcases in the corner of the room. I got out of bed, (did I mention it was a king sized bed?!) and walked over them. My stomach growled as I changed out of the clothes I had on the day before and into a pair of ripped Miss Me jeans and a red burn out shirt.

I walked out of the room and froze as soon as I opened the door. This place was HUGE! The walls were painted white and there was warm-colored furniture. It was an extremely beautiful flat. The bedroom I was in, along with other rooms, led downstairs from a beautiful balcony staircase. I slowly walked downstairs, instantly feeling awkward in a stranger's house. I mean, I only met Harry yesterday. I saw Josh, Louis, Liam, and Niall in the kitchen making breakfast.. SHIRTLESS. Oh sweet Jesus.. Damn! They were ripped. I obviously wasn't looking at Josh, even though he was ripped. He would walk around shirtless sometimes back at home, so I was used to it.

"Hey love, want some breakfast?" Louis asked, smirking. He noticed me staring, well this is awkward. "Oh, um.. Yeah." I said taking a seat on a stool at the breakfast bar. "Thank you." I said as he put a plate of eggs and bacon and a cup of tea in front of me. I began sipping my tea when I see a very sleepy and shirtless Harry walk over to us. I choked on my tea when I saw his abs. I couldn't help myself. Harry smirked and everyone else chuckled. Well, except for my brother. He didn't seem too amused. "Like what you see?" Harry asked. I instantly felt awkward again so I thought I'd be humorous. I looked him up and down and smirked. "Eh." I said. He walked over to me, smiling. "Just eh?"

"Mhmm." I said and smirked again. He got real close and whispered in my ear. "I think I can change that." He winked and it sent shivers down my spine. Josh looked really uncomfortable. "Harry.. Would you like some breakfast?" Josh asked him. "Yeah, I'm just going to wake up the diva, I'll be back." He said and walked off. I looked over at Josh who was glaring at me. "What?!" I asked him. "You know what." He said and turned away. He was being so weird. Seconds later, Harry walked out to the kitchen with Zayn, and guess what! He was fricken shirtless too! Was it going to be like this every morning? Were they trying to kill me?! I forced myself to look away.

"So, Rachel, has Josh told you about the party tonight?" Liam asked me. "No, actually, he hasn't." I glared at Josh and he smirked. "Well, we're celebrating our new album's success, and you're invited!" Liam smiled at me. "Awesome, thanks!" I smiled back. Wow, I've been in North London for not even a day, and I've been invited to a party with One Direction! "Yeah, no problem love, it starts at 8:30 tonight and it’s at Simon’s so be ready at 8:00." He said. Simon? As in Simon Cowell?! Oh my god!!

"And wear something hot!" Zayn adds. I blush, embarrassed. "Zayn, shut up." Josh said, looking angry. What the hell Josh?! What the hell? I awkwardly laugh. "Um, Josh, chill." I said, picking up my empty plate and washing it in the sink. Afterwards, I plop down on the sofa next to Niall and watched the telly for a few while.

****A Few Hours Later****

~Harry's POV~

"Damn, lil Devine is fit, yeah?" I ask Zayn as I fix my blazer. "Yeah she is, really fit." He said. "But she's only 15, man. Be careful." "I'm not stupid, Malik. The most that will happen tonight is getting her a little drunk and we'll fool around a bit. That's it." I explained. "Dude, if Josh finds out, he'll beat your ass." Zayn warned. I chuckled. "He won't, trust me." I heard Zayn sigh. "I don't know, Harry. I like her. You just want to take advantage of her." He said. This kind of made me mad. "Piss off; I know what I'm doing." I started to raise my voice. "Whatever, man." He said and walked out to the living room and I followed.

Rachel walked down the stairs, looking super sexy. She wore a tight, dark blue cocktail and black high heels and her long hair was curled. I resisted the urge to snog her right then and there. She saw me staring and looked away, blushing. "Ready?" Josh asked her. "Yep! Let's go!" She said excited. She was so energetic and cute.

Zayn led her out to the limo and I got angry. But why? Was I jealous?! She'd just be my dirty little secret. It's not like I liked her.. Did I?

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