The Drummer's Sister

Being the sister of One Direction's drummer is pretty crazy. Rachel Devine, sister of Josh Devine, knows the worst of it. Her life is pretty drama-filled compared to the average 15 year old. Things get pretty heated when she is invited to a One Direction party. She never expected these things to be happening to her at such a young age. She finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle with the 20 year old Zayn Malik and 19 year old Harry Styles. Being seen with such a young girl risks One Direction’s reputation. When Josh tries to put an end to this drama, a huge fight sparks and the band is at risk of splitting up. Rachel's anger builds up when Josh says that she can never see Harry or Zayn again. What extremes will she take to get her life back on track?
(Recommended age: 14+)


6. Fuck The Law


~Rachel's POV~

I slam the door as hard as I could and slide down slowly on the other side. I hide my face in my hands and start balling as I hit the floor. So much has happened already.. I got drunk, almost had sex with Harry Styles, made out with Zayn Malik, and managed to make Harry hate me already. I am pretty sure that Josh hates me too right now.

There’s so much drama going on and it’s all because of me. I’ve been through more drama in the past two days than my friends have had in one year. I feel used. I’m such a failure. I deserve this; it’s all my fault. If I wasn’t here, then none of this would have happened.

I heard a pounding on my door. I guessed it was Josh and ignored it. I can't face him right now. The pounding continued. "Josh, go away!" I yelled through sobs. "It's Zayn, let me in." 

I stopped for a second, got up and slowly opened the door. I'm pretty sure I looked like a mess. I looked Zayn in the eyes while tears silently poured down my face and neck. He pulled me in for a huge hug. "It's going to be okay, Rachel. I promise." He whispered softly, nestled into my neck. I hugged him tighter, sniffling. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him. I still had my arms wrapped tight around his neck.

He carried me over to my bed and lay me down. Me looked at me in the most adoring way, kissed my forehead, and sat next to me. He leaned on my shoulder and played with my hair as I tried to control my whimpers. I sat there enjoying the comfortable silence and I felt completely safe at that moment.

Just then, Josh burst into the room. I was almost terrified at the sight of him. His face was so red and full of anger that steam was practically blowing out of his ears. He had his big fists clenched tight and he was breathing hard. I saw his face calm down a bit when he saw me.

Josh slowly walked over to my bed and sat on the side of the bed, opposite of Zayn. "Rachel.. I don't know where to start.." He said looking at me. I couldn't return the gaze of his brown eyes so I looked at my hands as if they were the most interesting thing the world. "None of this was your fault.. I now understand that." He took a deep breath and I looked up at him, realizing that he wasn't mad at me. "But you need to stay away from Harry. He's bad news." Josh said and Zayn nodded, agreeing with him.

"Rachel.. I also need to warn you about one thing," Josh continues. "Harry told me about you and Zayn.. Rachel, you're only fifteen. You can't be seen doing this." He says. I don't want to admit it, but he's right. I look at Zayn and he seems disappointed. "Josh.." I start. "Rachel, I'm sorry, but it's not safe for you to have that kind of relationship with a twenty year old." Josh says and I roll my eyes.

Zayn stands up in defense. "Josh, you're talking to her as if I'm not in the room! What's not safe about me?!" Zayn asks.

"She is way too young for you, Mate!" Josh says, now standing as well. "Not only could you get a bad rep from this, but you could also get arrested! Josh yells. "What?!" Zayn asks and I give Josh a confused look. Get arrested?! For dating me?! And as if Josh was reading my mind he explains. "If the police see you two together and think that you two are engaging in sexual acts, you," Josh points his finger at Zayn. "Could be arrested and become a registered sex offender all because she's too young." 

"But we wouldn't be having sex!" Zayn yells in defense. "That doesn't matter what you would and wouldn't doing!" Josh yells back. "If they think you are, that's all it takes!"

Zayn lets out a huff and plops down on the bed in defeat. It was weird, he actually wanted to date me. He fought for me. "I'm sorry, but famous or not, it's the law and it applies to everyone." Josh says and walks out of the room, leaving me and Zayn in silence.

~Zayn's POV~

I want her so bad. I know it’s wrong, I mean I'm five years older than her! It's weird and bad but I don't care. I really like her and I think she likes me too. Is that so bad?! You know what.. Fuck the law. If I want her and she wants me, then we should be able to do whatever we want. I just have to make sure no one finds out.. Not even my best mates.

"I have a plan." I stated looking mischievously into Rachel's eyes. "Oh, yeah?" She asks smirking. "Yeah.. I like you Rachel, and I hope you like me too.." I start. "I do.." Rachel says and smiles. "Well, I was thinking that we should date.. You know, secretly." I smirk. "Zayn, I don't know.." She says carefully as she pushes a piece of hair from her face. "It will be okay, I promise, no one will find out."

She sat there thinking for what seemed like forever, but I patiently waited. "Okay, fine!" She finally says with the prettiest smile on her face. I smiled back and sat up to kiss her. I held her cheek in one hand and wrapped the other around her waist, bringing us close. I pressed my lips onto hers; they were warm and soft. It was a short, yet passionate kiss. I pulled away and looked into her eyes; I got lost in them once again. "I'm glad I can finally call you mine." I told her. She blushed and said "Me too." Then I pulled her in for another kiss.

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