The Drummer's Sister

Being the sister of One Direction's drummer is pretty crazy. Rachel Devine, sister of Josh Devine, knows the worst of it. Her life is pretty drama-filled compared to the average 15 year old. Things get pretty heated when she is invited to a One Direction party. She never expected these things to be happening to her at such a young age. She finds herself in the middle of an unexpected love triangle with the 20 year old Zayn Malik and 19 year old Harry Styles. Being seen with such a young girl risks One Direction’s reputation. When Josh tries to put an end to this drama, a huge fight sparks and the band is at risk of splitting up. Rachel's anger builds up when Josh says that she can never see Harry or Zayn again. What extremes will she take to get her life back on track?
(Recommended age: 14+)


5. First Fight


~Zayn's POV~

I wake up to the warmth of Rachel. She must've turned in her sleep because now we were spooning. I looked at the clock and we had only been asleep three hours; it was 3:30pm now. I turned my focus back on a beautiful girl in my bed. I wrapped my arms around her waist and nestled into her long, chocolate hair, breathing in the faint scent of shampoo and perfume. I savored this moment; wishing it could last forever.

I heard a sift moan and she stirred; fluttering her eyes open. I looked into her still sleepy eyes. I couldn't get enough of them; they were like a dark-blue ocean. They were absolutely gorgeous. I smiled at her, lovingly as she looked over shoulder at me. "Morning, Beautiful." I said softly. She smiled back, stretching. I groaned in protest. "What, Silly?" She asked. "Don't move. I just want to savor this moment." I said, not letting her go. She turned around to face me, smirking. "Oh, really? And why would you want to do that?" She asked.

"Because," I said smirking back. "I like you..  A lot." I said brushing a strand of her hair back from her face. She blushed and looked at her hands. I tilted her chin up till she met my gaze. We just lay there, staring into each other’s eyes. I look at her lips. They were a soft baby pink and they looked like velvet. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I knew I had to be cautious. I didn't want her to think I was another Harry. I like her a lot and I want her to like me too.

"Rachel.." I started, looking at her lips, then back at her eyes. She held my gaze but she was blushing uncontrollably. "Mhmm?" She asked smirking, she could tell that I wanted to kiss her. "I really like you, and-" She smirked and cut me off, kissing me. I kissed right back, pulling her closer. It was a sweet, innocent kiss and I loved that. She bit my lower lip, teasing me. I moaned deep in the back of my throat. My tongue enters her mouth and we kissed passionately. I got on top her as we both fought for control. She broke he kiss, smirked and pushed me back on the bed. She straddled me and kissed me as she held my arms back by my shoulders. She was strong, I was surprised. I could easy push her off, but I played along; I liked it. It was kind of kinky.

I have never snogged a girl like this before, it was so intense, so in the moment. She pulled back. "Why'd you stop?" I asked. She giggled. "Aw, aren't you eager!" She smirked. She planted three soft kisses on my neck then plopped back on the bed, catching her breath. "You tease!" I gasp. I wasn't done with her; I'll tease her right back.

I got on top of her and pin her down. "Zayn!" She squealed, trying to wiggle away. I smirked and kissed her neck slowly until I reached her jaw. I looked up at her and she was biting her lip. She looked so adorable. I kissed her soft lips and rubbed my thumb over her jaw line. I gently bit her bottom lip, teasing her. I felt her smirk on my lips, enjoying it.

Just then my bedroom door opened. "Hey Zayn, have you seen-" The voice trailed off. When I looked up to see who it was, I was still on top of Rachel. Harry stood before us. I quickly got off of Rachel and she sat up and straightened her shirt. Harry looked extremely angry. "Uh.. Listen Mate, it’s n-not what it looks like." I stuttered, completely embarrassed for getting caught. Harry turned on his heel and stormed out of my room. 

I nervously laughed and looked at Rachel. She looked embarrassed too, but also upset. "Rachel?" I asked. She looked up at me and her eyes were glossy. She stayed quiet for a bit. "Zayn, I think I need to go back home." She started. "I can't stay here.."

"Why not?" I asked, concerned. She took a deep breath. "If Harry's going to act like this because of me, then I can't stay." She said quietly. "Rachel, he's not mad because of you. He just doesn't want me around you."

"Why?" She asked. "He likes you, Rachel. Well, more like your body. He thinks you're fit and that's the only reason he likes you.." I told her. "Oh.." Is all that she could say.

~Harry's POV~

What the actual fuck?!?! Zayn was practically smothering her. I stormed out of the room and down stairs to the rest of the boys and josh. "Well, it is official, guys! Zayn is going to fuck Rachel!" I yelled out of anger and frustration. They all looked at me, shocked. Josh immediately ran up to Zayn's room and I chuckled to myself.

"Harry, you're overreacting.." Louis said matter-of-factly. I scuffed and rolled my eyes. "Yeah, you're jealous." Niall agrees with him. "Shut up, Niall. You're not helping." I told him. "You know what, Mate, you deserve it. You tried to rape her at the party." Niall said, looking as if he wasn't really affected by the situation. "Shut the fuck up Niall!" I yelled in his face. "I was drunk, and we both had no idea what we were doing, so fucking piss off!" I raged at him. 

"Harry, I was drunk!" Rachel called from the stairs, Josh and Zayn following her. "I had no idea what I was doing. You planned the whole fucking thing!" She screamed, now in my face. She was much shorter than I was, but she scared me. "You, Harry," She said jabbing her finger at my chest and glaring into my eyes. "Are a bastard!" She screamed with tears streaming down her face. "Don't ever talk to me, again!" Scream yelled, starting to break down. "You tricked me! You took advantage of me!" She tried to scream but her voice gave out, taking it to an angry whisper. She turned on her heel and ran up the stairs and into her room, slamming the door.

Everyone looked at me with shocked faces. Then Zayn ran up to Rachel's room, Liam was awkwardly looking at his hands and Louis and Niall walked off to talk. When I looked at Josh, his face was deep red. Liam noticed too. "What the fuck.." Josh said through gritted teeth, spacing out each word.  He slowly walked towards me with clutched fists. "Now Josh.." I said quietly as he approached and I backed up. "Touch my sister again, and you are so dead, Styles." He says in my face, whispering hastily with teeth still gritted.  He turned around stalking off. "Oh," He stops and looks back. "And if you do try anything.. I'll quit." He states and walks to his room, leaving me standing there pale-faced, in complete shock.

Josh would quit his job as the band’s drummer if I touched Rachel..

<><><><>Author Note<><><><>

Hey lovelies,

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I would really appreciate some feedback; I love reading new comments, so feel free to share your opinion and/or thoughts. <3

Love you bunches,

~Reece Michelle(:


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