High School Love

Niall is the quarterback and Sarah is the nerd but what happens when Niall needs a tutor and it ends up being Sarah read to see what happens


1. Im getting kicked off the team?!?!

Nialls POV


"Your kicking me of the team?!?!" i said what the hell they can't kick me of the team im the quarterback "Well your failing almost all your subjects." "What if i study for the rest of the school year?" "Or u could get a tutor." "I am not and repeat not getting a tutor even if my life depneds on it no way not happening." As I was saying this a girl I think named Sarah she wears these really big black glasses like the ones in the 90s and wears braces she was walking to us I can't belive that I am getting a tutor the whole school is going to find out and i will be known as just another idiot football player.


Sarah's POV


I was walking to the gym and i saw my gym teacher talking to the most important person in the school Niall Horan in my opinion he was another asshole at this school and I was the lucky one who got to tutor him note the sarcasim. Anyway my gym teacher said that I would be tutoring him Monday through Friday after school I am okay with that as long as i'm not at home see at school i'm the quiet one because one i'm shy and I won't have to put up with the drama trust me I have enough at home and nobody knows and thats the way i like it.  
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