A mistaken love.

Some hotels aren't that 5 star you know..........It's always that mistake that's gotta happen.


1. Complicated.

Akayla's P.O.V


"hurry up akayla,we're going to be late!"my best friend Meghan called out from the door.I rolled my eyes at her yelling and let out a big breath."im coming Meghan!"i replied.I was still fixing the zipper that wouldn't work on my suitcase.ugh!It was so annoying,that was the bad thing about traveling to places.Oh yeah,sorry,im akayla.You probably just found that out,anyways me and my BFF are going to long beach CA.For a little vacation,well it isn't big,it's practically a month.We won tickets to the grammy's so yeah."Akayla damn!hurry the hell up"Meghan just wouldn't shut up wouldn't she?

I finally got the zipper to work and i got all my things.Im hoping for it to not be cold...As i entered the living room,Meghan stood there with a shitty look."oh ok,lets be late to our flight then we ju-"."Meghan shut up!we'll make it damn!"I start to get pissed off.Like damn!the airport is only 20 minutes away from my house!

Meghan just rolled her eyes and turned around slamming the door behind her.I sighed loudly and opened the door."you know if your going to be all mad and have an attitude than might as well not even go"i said as the hallway echoed.She quickly turned around and smiled falsely."im not mad"she was lying now huh?ok.....

Once we got in the taxi,i just thought of how we were walking.No words,not even glares!"look im sorry i screamed at you and told you to shutup but it's just that you were getting on my nerves!badly"i started to apologize to meghan.She looked at me for a while,but then she turned to face the window.Ok now she doesn't want my apology.Well than we're going to be mad at each other for quite a while.


When we got to the airport,less than 20 minutes.I saw in the corner of my eye that meghan was happier than ever!She leaned against her seat and wiped the blurry window.I just smiled and waited for the taxi to pull over."hey"i heard meghan whisper.I quickly turned and looked out the window."look at those boys"she said pointing to a group of five guys smiling and laughing."what about them?"i asked in confusion.She grinned."nothing,it's just that their pretty hot"i rolled my eyes at her answer and just buried my head on my palms.

We hurried out the car and unluckily,meghan's shirt go stuck on the car's door!!!!"ugh meghan!who's talking about being late?"i started to complain about what she had said earlier.She looked at me with hate?"umm,encase you haven't noticed,im stuck,im not doing it on purpose!"she finalized with a roll of eyes.I lifted my hands up only for them to hit my thighs.

Now luckily,we got the shirt out of the door.We walked in the airport and saw a big ass queue for the baggage check/security check.I sighed loudly and lost hope in actually having a nice long vaca.Meghan had the same expression on her face.I know she probably hates me now.I don't blame her,instead i agree with her.so long for a nice start!

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