Bestfriends brother

Your boy bestfriend is Greg Horan, you love to hang out with him and challenge his borther, Niall Horan, to a bit of fifa 13 on x box. But when things turn bad for you and Greg is it a new begging for you and Niall?


3. The big arguement


The next day is a Saturday. You wake up early and go downstairs for a drink and bite to eat. Your shocked that as you walk down stairs you see Greg sat on your sofa.

"What are you doing here?"

Greg replies-"ive come to apologise, for last night, can we just talk? I really like you, and i want to be with y-." 

You interrupt "Greg,i-i i just don't feel the same way. We're friends, JUST friends."

"I can't just be friends with someone i'm in love with" Greg says as his voice starts to get louder

"Then i guess we can't be friends." you reply in a soft sad voice

"THANKS. 'Bestfriends' are suppose to be there for you."

You look at him with your face frowned. "What the hell? Why are you being like this" *you start to cry* I love you Greg but AS A FRIEND. Your my bestfriend okay?.."

He interrupts "No WAS your bestfriend!" 

You're sobbing your heart out trying to talk to him. As You go to walk off You scream at him that you love Niall, always have.

Gregs now so jealous and gets the wrong end of the stick, he thinks you used him to get to Niall, You didn't. Furious Greg follows you asking all questions. As you go to kick him out he turns round and yells "sorry, I really liked you" 

As you shut the door you collapse. You're in floods of tears.

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