Bestfriends brother

Your boy bestfriend is Greg Horan, you love to hang out with him and challenge his borther, Niall Horan, to a bit of fifa 13 on x box. But when things turn bad for you and Greg is it a new begging for you and Niall?


4. more than friends?

After days of not talking you decide to call Greg. You've really been missing talking to him.

The phones ringing. Someone picks up. It's not Greg.

"You know you've really pissed him off."

*You sigh* You whisper "Niall" You feel a lump in your throat. Eyes start to sting.

"He told me, what you said. Is it true?"

"What, that i love you. Yeah, im sorry" You to start talking about what happened. 

*hours pasted*

*There's a knock at the door*

"bear with me a minute someones at the door"

As you open the door your shocked to see Niall is stood on the door step. As you go to ask what he's doing here he whispers "I love you too.." and kisses your cheek. You let him in

A few hours past and Niall tells you that he told Greg he likes you too and Greg told him to go for it. You look  into his eyes and let out a sigh of relief. Niall pulls out you hand, he puts this note in it.

 The note reads:

I'm so sorry for everything that happened the other night. i let my feeling get to me. If you want to be with Niall go for it he likes you too, i just hope we can go back to best friends again? I understand if not...

love -Greg

you smile and Niall offers you to go back to his to talk things through with Greg. You agree. On the way there Niall asks if you to are an item now. You are.

When you get to his place Greg grabs you and hugs you. Your the happiest you've ever been, you've got your bestfriend and your boyfriend. 

You go out for a meal with your main friends, Greg, Perrie, Zayn, Danielle, Liam, Eleanor, Louis, Harry and of course your beautiful boyfriend, Niall. 


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