Bestfriends brother

Your boy bestfriend is Greg Horan, you love to hang out with him and challenge his borther, Niall Horan, to a bit of fifa 13 on x box. But when things turn bad for you and Greg is it a new begging for you and Niall?


2. Hanging out

Your in Gregs room which he shares with Niall. You're all playing black ops and screaming at the tv. Gregs offered to get drinks and nipped downstairs to make them. Whilst he gone you put the game on pause. Your sat there awkwardly with Niall.

"So, you enjoying the game?" Nialls asks looking into your blue eyes

"Yeah, erm, its okay, scares me at times when things jump out."

*Niall puts his hands on your arm* "i'll protect you haha" replies Niall

You look into his eyes. Your belly starts turning and you realise your in love with Niall. Your heart starts to raise, you start stuttering. Your going to burst.

Greg walks in with the drinks. He decides to really close to you, closer than normal. You turn you head to look at whilst you ask him...wait, what? His lips are on yours. You pull away as fast as you can. 

"GREG, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" you yell at him

"I love you, im sorry, ever since i first saw you i knew you were the one."

*You get up and walk out shaking your head*

You lay there all night, deleting all these messages Greg's sent you. You angry with him, How could he do this to you? WHY would he do this? You're bestfriends, he even said that. Bestfriends do not date. You text your friends, Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle asking for advise. They tell you to be honest and say you dont feel the same way. 


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