Bestfriends brother

Your boy bestfriend is Greg Horan, you love to hang out with him and challenge his borther, Niall Horan, to a bit of fifa 13 on x box. But when things turn bad for you and Greg is it a new begging for you and Niall?


1. First Meet up

You're at school. Everythings new. You're like a lost puppy, have no clue where your going. A deep soft voice appears  

"You alright there?"

You just look at this boy for a second. He looks quite nice.

He grabs your timetable out your hands

"Ahh yes, English, i have the same teacher. She isnt that bad, come on follow me."


You two get talking, find a bit out about eachother. This boy is called Greg Horan. He's the year above you and decides shows you around on his free period. You learn he has a younger brother, in your year Niall Horan he's in your english class and Greg tells him to look after you. Niall just introduces you to the teacher and a few girls on the table where you'll be satand doesn't really speak. The girls say he's really shy around girls.

You just follow Niall round for the rest of the day.

The bell rings for the end of a tiring school day. As your leaving the gate Greg comes up behind you and gently puts his arms on your shoulders. 

"Hang on there, princess" "Fancy coming round mine? I've got a x box, i know your a girl but i noticed a fifa 13 game in your bag, we could stick that on, have a match or two?"

You agree, you two really hit it off. 



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