over again


3. x factor

     when i got in harry's room its was bigger then my room at home when you walked there was a glass wall it was a beautiful view when i went into the bedroom there was two beds one of them was messy and cloths were everywhere i knew that was harry i sat on the other bed i layed on it i knew harry was in rehearsal for another hour so i had time for myself.

     when night fell i was taking a nap when i felt someone run there finger threw my hair i quilkly got up it was harry we smiled at each other for a moment then i jumped on him with a kiss he picked me up i knew harry was happy to see me because he couldn't stop smiling while we maked out.

     harry put me down i kept my arms around his waist we stayed there holding each other "i'm so happy you came" harry said i nodded "me too i knew i would miss you too much" i felt tears coming harry looked at me "why are you crying jolin?" he asked sitting me down on the bed "i really don't know" i said.

     harry put his arms around me when he holed me i felt like i was safe forever but that ended when we had to get ready for a dinner date with the lads and there girlfriends. when i looked out the window paparazzi were there and some fans we heard a knock on the door i looked in the peep hole it was niall.

     i opened the door he was in light blue jeans and a green shirt that said free hugs "ello jolin is harry here?" niall said coming in "ya his taking a shower" i sat on the love seat turning on the tv "let him he needs to go on the back its getting wild on the front".

     i pulled on my shirt it was getting a little too small "who's your date?" i asked niall who sat on the other sofa "demi she's having a show here too this is the only night she's free" harry came out of the bathroom steam bursted out into the living room "niall what are you doing here?" harry asked drying his hair with a towel.

     "just came to tell you get out in the back" niall got up "i will see you guys at the dinner" he gave harry a hug and gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

     "we could have tooken the elevator harry but nooo stair are so much faster" i said to harry he rolled his eyes "i'm sorry jolin i'm trying to be a good boyfriend and show you a different direction where you won't get run down by girls" when we reached the basement parking harry took my hand he looked my me i smiled down at the ground "your so beautiful jolin" harry said i looked at him with a your too nice face.

     "hello everyone i will be your waiter for the night to start off what would you guys like to drink?" the waiter said. the night was long but fun harry could not stop rubbing his leg on mine the whole night i had to kick him, when harry and me got in the black car i was tired my phone viberted it woke me up i looked at the screen it was an unknown text i opened it "hello jolin it has been a long time since you were in one of out tours we would like to ask you if you would like to be in our x factor tour 2013! reply back from this email -x factor team"

     my eyes widen i was happier then ever i looked at harry he was on his phone "babe look at this!" i said with excitment in my voice he took my phone and saw the letter he looked back at me with a smile "congrats babe i'm proud of you when do they want you to start?" harry said giving me a hug "i don't know i'll email them tomorrow it's late" i said putting my head on his sholder "i love you jolin" haid kissing my forehead "i love you too".

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