over again


2. i can't feel his lips when we skype

     i just sat there on my couch watching old movies alone. i woundering how does maryiln monroe do her work when in the inside she's falling apart? i snaped out of it when my house phone rang i ran to the kitchen to get it it was difficult running in slippery socks.

     "hello?" i said "hey what are you doing?" it was harry i smiled "watching old romantic movies alone without you" i slowly started to walk around "i wish i was there but i'm in sound check with the lads" harry said "well i hope your having fun some fans were at my door yesterday some got you a cake".                

     "i wish i can meet them i bet they were disappointed i was not there" i slumped on one of the counter chairs "i want to ask you something jolin" harry said i got up "ya what is it?" i could here harry take a deep breath in and then out "would you like to come and watch one of out shows?" i was confused i watched thousand of his shows.

     "what do you mean in switzerland?" i said "uh ya you can be backstage and watch the whole thing" harry said i sat there one side of me saying omg your going to see harry! then the other part was like you can't leave london just like that what happens if they move the finals next week.

     "harry i have never went on a plane before and what if-" harry cut me off "jolin i know what your going to say next but its going to be a month till we see each other and the lads are fine with it eleanor and danielle are coming and i can't feel your lips on skype" i started to blush "fine i'll book a flight for next week i have reharsel for this week" "ok love you".

     i slumped back on the couch looking at the black and white screen i was expecting to be excited and jumping but maybe i was too tired.



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