over again


4. do what you want to do

     "fine if your going to be such a jack-ass then why don't i leave you alone!" i yelled at harry i slammed the bedroom door i started to grab stuff out of the drawers and put them in my suitcase i felt tears coming down i stopped what i was doing to catch my breath i started to cry harder i sllide down to the floor i heard the main door slam harry left.

     i read the email over and over again it still made me happy and sad at the same time "we need you by tomorrow" i got chills, the bedroom door open i looked up it was harry he looked at me then my suitcase "so your really going?" he said closing the door behind him i nodded he came closer and closer to me "no harry i am really not in the-" he interrupted me with a kiss.

     we looked at each other while our hands were entwined harry brought me closer are hips touched i brought the sheets over my head harry brought them down "let me see your beautiful eyes love" harry said i started to blush "harry i need to kee-" harry cut me off "come closer" harry said i came close to harry till are naked chest touched i started to cry "don't cry jolin please" harry said holding me tight "harry i can't do this" i said wiping my eyes but new tears came "don't say that" harry wispered to me "harry you desr-" "STOP JOLIN I WANT YOU" 


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