over again


1. i'm coming back

     harry kissed me one more time "i'm not going forever jolin i will be back" i started to cry more and more i covered my face with my hands he took my hands out of my face he wiped my tears off my cheek but i just brought new tears "i only had you for 2 weeks i know this is your job and your band needs you but it's too hard" i said putting my hands on his chest.

     "jolin i will be back next month it will go faster then you think" harry said bringing me close to his body i could smell his strong cologne "last call for flight 443 to switzerland" the ceiling speakers called out i holed in my tears we kissed one more time, hugged one more time and said we said i love you one more time.

     i quickly walked out of the airport before i could cry again, when i got in my car i sat there for a moment then tears bursted out in tears i put in the key to start the car the car came alive the air conditioner brought heat into the car and the radio was loudly playing "and the next song is for all you directioners out there this is what makes you beautiful!"  i heard sreaming from the car next to me there were two blonde girl jumping and sreaming they looked at me then there jaw droped i smiled and got out of the parking.

     when i got home girls were on my doorway when i got out they all ran up to me i pushed myself into my car 'is harry in the car?" one girl said "can i have a picture with him?" another one said they all brought out there phones and camreas "his on a flight to switzerland" i said covering my eyes from the flashes of light.

     all the girls stoped flashing photos and sadly walked away when i walked to my house someone taped me on the back i turned it was a three girls covered with everything one direction "can we have a photo with you jolin?" the girl on the right said i smiled "ya of course" i leaned down on there height.

      "can you please give this to harry we made it" one of the girls said she handed me a cake with all of harry's favorites stuff i did alittle laugh "i will he will love it" i said i gave them all a hug and kept walking to my house one of the girls ran up to me "we ship hoiln even if it's a silly couple name" the girl said i gave her another hug i dug out of my bag one of harry's benies 'here you and your friends desreve it" her jaw droped she gave me a huge hug and ran way and yelled "thank you!".


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