Barbie Dolls of Westwood High

This true yet funny story with capture the real truth about the human barbie dolls that are the girls of West wood high.
Trixie is small down town girl who is your average teen, then you have the barbie dolls. Mean, cruel, plastic machines that will rip you apart if you get in their way.
Then you have the hottie, who happens to be the boyfriend of the leader of the barbies, Jenna. But, what happens when trixie finds herself in a situation, with the hottie?


1. First day at West wood!

'So here I go'. They were the first words of small town teen Trixie as she grabbed her bag and left her petite yet humble home at 8 am. Breatrix Ryan, or as she prefers people to call her, Trixie, was the average teen with her extremely skinny jeans and her scruffy converse trainers and her 'geek' varsity top, that she wore all the time. She was from a honest home and lived with 2 older sisters, that were not as average as Trixie. First you had Sally, the eldest of them all.She was your beautiful blonde bombshell, or as she liked to think, who every morning would wake up an hour earlier to do her makeup before going to school, and would wear short skirts and short tops casually. Then you had Megan, this fiery character would tear out your lungs and feed them to the dogs if you put one step wrong. Her style was unique, but in a bad way, she was a typical hippy with an attitude.


As Trixie was walking to school, she noticed some of the other girls who were walking to school also. They seemed....different. Much different. They had short skirts, and blonde hair and such high heels that if they fell they could take someone's eye out. Trixie was apprehensive about going in or fake an illness to put it of a little longer. But, like a fighter she carried on and finally arrived at West wood just in time for class. She was introduced to the head mistress of West wood, who at the time seemed likable. But what Trixie didn't know was that the headmistress was going to play a big part in her life.  

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