Love is meant to make you happy right? Well not this love. Who knew that something so Wrong. Felt so Right?


2. Friends.



I could still feel his lips on mine. His eyes staring into mine, his fingers intertwined with mine. The sight of his Phone sticking out of his back pocket, so Visible that anyone could see it. It was as if he was trying to tell me, he'd do anything for me. Even Lie and risk getting caught.

I ran my index finger along my once kissed lips and smiled at the thought of his lips being on mine once again.

"What are you smiling about?"

I took my finger off my lips and shook my head, "Nothing. Aren't you meant to be out with Harry?" I asked, automatically changing the subject. It took Brooke a while to answer, "He's at a signing" She spoke, sitting next to me. "He's coming over later with Niall and Zayn... I think" I Looked at her. The girl who was my best-friend, The one that has my back no matter what, the girl who is in love with a boy, who I can't go a day without thinking about.

I Looked over at her. We're completely different. She loved dresses and looking Perfect, whereas I hated dresses, I fail trying to look perfect.

I looked away just before she started to speak. "You haven't got a dress yet" She stated, "You know, for Harry's Birthday. Why don't we go shopping and get you one" Her smile grew as she started brainstorming all the things she was going to buy and how we were going to look, in her head.

I sighed and shook my head, pulling my knees up to my chin like when a child doesn't want to do something. She laughed at my child-like behaviour. "It'll be fun, Char" She told me, trying to convenience me (She was failing. Completely)

 "Are you allowed to drive his car?" I asked looking at her as she started up the engine, She nodded "Of course I am, I've texted him. He wont mind" She smiled as she started to drive. 


"Charlotte, look in the Glove compartment and see what CD's Harry has"

I felt wrong, going through his stuff and his car. It was as if I was digging deeper into his life and it felt wrong.

I pulled down the small door revealing his CD's and a small strip of pictures. I studied the pictures and quickly pulled out A CD case and shut the door, shutting the pictures away.

"How about Ed Sheeran?" I asked popping the Disk out of the Case, She nodded and I slid the disk into the stereo and Ed's voice filled the car. Cutting off any conversation that was left to have.

I Shook my head, looking at the dress that was being shown to me. "No" I told her. She sighed and put the dress back into the rack. She searched for more dresses. "This one, go and try it on. Now" She said throwing it at me. It was dark blue, not too short and it was actually quite beautiful, especially for me.

I stepped out of the dressing room with the dress on. It made me feel Beautiful.

I Looked at Brooke who had her mouth hung wide open. "BEA-U-TIFUL" She exclaimed and jumped up and down a little, I smiled looking down at the floor. "Thanks" I said looking down at the dress. I felt my phone vibrate in my hand. It was a Text from Harry:

'When you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you don't know you're Beautiful"

I looked pass Brooke who was now on her phone. There were more faces then there was a minute ago. So many new faces to study until I found- His.

I stared as his eyes travelled down my body and up. A small smirk appeared on his face and so did his dimples. He wore his grey beanie with his hair pushed back, just like in the pictures. I looked away from his enchanted eyes, remembering that his Girlfriend, who was my Best-friend was right in front of me. 

"Smile" Brooke smiled as she held her phone up and took a picture of me, I closed my eyes, Brooke knew I hated pictures. I looked towards Harry once more before turning my back on him and Brooke, going back into the changing room to get changed.





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