Hunter of the supernatural

Helena is a supernatural bounty hunter with the ability to transform into the prey she hunting. Her current task is to catch and return three demons to their realm. This will not be easy as the three demons are the princesses of the demon realm. But if they are not return by sunset on Sunday, their father will send hellhounds to get them. Helena knows hellhounds will destroy or kill anything in the way. She needs to return the princesses but time is running out..


22. Realm of the demons

The demon Cain flapped his wings and glided over the village of cottages made from granite. The demon realm was made of lava and stone. The demons loved high temperatures and anything hot and that is why demons feed on negative energy feelings especially aggression and anger. A dark angel flew too close and was almost slashed in his side by Cain. Cain was one of many demons who hated dark angels. He soared upwards to reach the stone castle. Cain landed a few metres away from a hellhound sleeping on the steps to the castle. It opened one eye but once it saw Cain, the hellhound fell back asleep. Inside the castle, the hall lead to two stone staircases which lead to a balcony. If you went left, it lead to the kitchen and right lead to the banquet hall and the throne room. Cain headed towards the banquet hall. The room was large and each table was filled with demons and dark angels.

As Cain walked towards the long table where Core sat, he noticed a group of demons acting strange. They kept looking at a table of dark angels. There was a loud crash a few seconds later and Cain saw a drunk demon had landed on dark angels' table. The dark angels were screeching and shouting whereas the demons were laughing. Core sat in the middle of the long table with Dusk on his right and his brother Chrome on the left. Other important demons and one or two dark angels sat on either side of Dusk and Chrome. The food was laid out on a blood red tablecloth. The napkins were made from light angel feathers and the knife for cutting the roast chicken was made from a vampire fang. Demons keep parts of their kill as a trophy.

Although vampires didn't existed on the human realm, they did exist on another realm once. Many had been killed when vampire hunters took over. The last remaining ones had requested asylum in the demon realm. But they were quickly killed and Core had great pleasure in killing the vampire king. 

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