Hunter of the supernatural

Helena is a supernatural bounty hunter with the ability to transform into the prey she hunting. Her current task is to catch and return three demons to their realm. This will not be easy as the three demons are the princesses of the demon realm. But if they are not return by sunset on Sunday, their father will send hellhounds to get them. Helena knows hellhounds will destroy or kill anything in the way. She needs to return the princesses but time is running out..


19. Night

I got changed into jeans and boots but left the hoodie on. We left the apartment and headed to CroftCorp where Night works. On the way there, Mace told me some facts about Night. "She goes by the name Nicole, she has a rare demon power which is the power to create black orbs to kill but she probably won't do anything to us", Mace said. Great I am having a bad day and this just tops it. "And take the frown off your face otherwise Night might feed on your negative feelings", she said glancing at me. Oops forgot about that.

We arrive at CroftCorp and headed to the office where Night worked. Mace approached the reception, the woman there looked at Mace's clothes. "Hi my name is Mackenzie and I'm looking for Nigh-I mean Nicole", Mace said. I know Mace only uses her real name when she is talking to someone she doesn't know as she hates that  name. The woman tells us where to go.

A woman is standing by the scanner, head bent concentrating on what she was doing. She looked up to fix her fringe and saw us. "Can I help you with anything", Night said. She didn't seem very happy to speak to us and her smile was fake. Guess that is a demon/human for you. "We need to talk to you Nicole", Mace asked her. Night narrowed her brown almost black eyes at us and it felt like the room got colder. She was beginning to creep me out. "And why would I help you demons?" Night said her right hand turning black. I stepped backwards when I saw this. "Nicole we are not demons, we are bounty hunters", Mace said. How can she stay so calm while I feel like I'm going to wet myself. Night indicated to us to follow her. Once in her office, she turned to face us. 

"So let me get this straight, you want me to help you catch my sisters", Night asked after Mace told her the story. "Even though I hate them", Night said. "That is the plan", Mace said. I watched as Night bent her head. She looked up after a minute. "I will do it tomorrow night at the park", she said. Mace shook her hand and she smiled at me. Like I said she creeps me out. We left Night's office. After they left, Night's eyes turned black and she smirked evilly. "Revenge on my sisters and payback to my father, perfect", she said laughing. Then her hand turned into a fireball.

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