Hunter of the supernatural

Helena is a supernatural bounty hunter with the ability to transform into the prey she hunting. Her current task is to catch and return three demons to their realm. This will not be easy as the three demons are the princesses of the demon realm. But if they are not return by sunset on Sunday, their father will send hellhounds to get them. Helena knows hellhounds will destroy or kill anything in the way. She needs to return the princesses but time is running out..


3. First Hunt

Core arrived back to his realm and took his place on his throne. Any demons who changed into human and back, knew it was painful. Once he was seated, a hooded figure arrived. "Make sure that Mace and Helena fail to return my daughters. It' s time to get rid of human race once and for all", Core said. Beneath the hood dark angel wings appeared on the figure. Dark angels had joined the demons after they were rejected by the light angels. They didn't mind I mean if you're evil why not join others who are.


I flew into town and landed on a building near a club. Mace landed a few metres away gracefully. Why can she do this and when I land,I either crash onto the ground or knock something down. Yup i have just knocked a shingle down. Shit did it land on someone I'll check no it didn't. I folded my wings and watched the entrance for signs of demons. Demons feed on negative energy and that is why they love nightclubs. Because when a fight starts, they feed on the aggression. No sign of any demons but I do spot a shadow wolf lurking in an alley. Shadow wolves during the day look like shadows but with red eyes. At night they are difficult to catch unless you recognise their eyes. Time to catch this shadow wolf.



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