Hunter of the supernatural

Helena is a supernatural bounty hunter with the ability to transform into the prey she hunting. Her current task is to catch and return three demons to their realm. This will not be easy as the three demons are the princesses of the demon realm. But if they are not return by sunset on Sunday, their father will send hellhounds to get them. Helena knows hellhounds will destroy or kill anything in the way. She needs to return the princesses but time is running out..


24. Final capture

Okay to tell the truth, I hate waiting and while waiting, I started plucking blades of grass beside the path. Mace had folded her arms and was keeping an eye on Night. Night meanwhile was leaning against a lamp post minding her own business. The hellhounds arrived ten minutes later with no sisters. I mean come on, I thought nothing stood in their way. I was about to say this to Mace when the hellhounds howled. Three small flames appeared from their mouths. Hellfire, Harpy and Fury appeared, looking very unhappy. The hellhounds formed a cage made of fire around the sisters. 

"Thank you for helping us capture your sisters Night", Mace said. Night started laughing and her laugh made my blood run cold. It was one of those evil laughs not the normal laugh. I looked at Mace then at the sisters. "You didn't ask Night to help did you because you do know she wants us dead", Hellfire said looking annoyed. Crap well that was a big mistake. Night's right hand turned a fireball. Mace stepped forwards, her face looked calm and all I could think was what is she doing. "Night don't do this, don't kill your sisters", Mace said. "Why wouldn't I kill my sisters. If they are dead then I get to rule the demon realm when Core dies", Night said smirking. I thought Hellfire was ruthless for killing her brother but Night was a different story.

"You won't because of the threat your father gave me ", Mace said.

"What threat is that", Night said sneering.

"If your sisters are not return by tomorrow, your father will send his hellhounds out to get your sisters. He hates humans so the hell hounds will hate humans too. Then since they destroyed anything human in their way and you are part human so", Mace said.  Night's eyes got very wide, she hadn't thought of that. "God Night are you stupid or what", Fury said. Okay that is probably not a good idea to say that especially since you are locked in a cage. 

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