Hunter of the supernatural

Helena is a supernatural bounty hunter with the ability to transform into the prey she hunting. Her current task is to catch and return three demons to their realm. This will not be easy as the three demons are the princesses of the demon realm. But if they are not return by sunset on Sunday, their father will send hellhounds to get them. Helena knows hellhounds will destroy or kill anything in the way. She needs to return the princesses but time is running out..


9. Assignment 3

"So what is the plan for today Mace?" i asked. We were sitting in the canteen, having breakfast. I had two slices of toast, a chocolate covered doughnut and orange juice. Mace had half a grapefruit and kept looking at my doughnut. She doesn't eat much because of her modelling but she is on break, she eats like a pig. Mace leaves to get a doughnut as she is at the moment on break from modelling. When she sits back down with a sprinkle doughnut, she tells me. "We need to caught that mermaid today as the owner is getting impatient".I hate the owners of the creatures because they are so rude and they think that they are better than humans. One time with my parents, I gave out to the owner of a shadow wolf and told him to get lost. Well I didn't exactly use those words. I was grounded for the weekend oops. "And another demon to catch em it's Damon", Mace said. I pushed my tray forwards and put my face in my hands, my hair falling onto my face. Thank God I was sitting down otherwise I would fallen down because my knees were shaking badly. A year ago I dated Damon and was in love with him. Every weekend we would spend together and I thought he was human. One Saturday we were walking home when a fight started on the street near us. He changed into his demon form and began to feed on the aggression of the men. 

I was shocked by this and ran home leaving him. After that, I told my parents about him because I no longer loved him. He had lied to me and my parents arranged to capture him. I knew they were supernatural bounty hunters at this point. He arrived the next day and tried to explain that he still loved me. He told me that he hated supernatural bounty hunters just before a team of them arrived to take him back. "No! not him", I said lifting my head up. 

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