Take Me Home~

Tabby Jackson and her Step-sister Danielle Williams have met the new boys in town. Harry and Niall were just a few of the Foreign exchange students from the United Kingdom. Liam, Louis, and Zayn also tag along for the experience. On the first day of second semester the boys met the girls...Along with horrifying secrets the youngest one holds. It's up to Tabby to protect them from going back to England, where powers beyond control have resided waiting on their return.


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Harry’s POV:  I swept the curls from my forehead. It seemed to have become a nervous habit for me as the months passed. I heard Lou answer the door and it slam shut. What was once one set of footsteps now multiplied into four different sounds. They rounded the corner and my heart skipped a beat. There she was. And of course there was Danielle and Cynthia. Tabby and Danielle were in an argument about schedule changes due to the band program. I cleared my throat trying not to interrupt them. Too late. Danielle had already started on a new topic, which sadly consisted of everyone in the room.  “So who’s ready to start learning?” I leaned against to fridge, the cold metal sending chills down my spine. Louis had grabbed Cynthia’s hand and was already pulling her towards the living room. Niall started blushing like a maniac and walked outside, Danielle following him like a puppy. That just left me and Tabby. God I couldn’t keep my eyes from her. “Well…uhh.. Hi.” My statement was poor. I felt like a total idiot standing in front of her, not knowing what to do. It came easily to flirt with woman of any age. Young, old, hot, ugly. The list could go on and on for a very long time. I noticed the canvas bag slung across her body. The books overflowed from the top with papers showing from their recently shoved places. “So what are you catching me up on?” She timidly walked closer, gently setting the bag down. “Well since we have biology and history together I’m just going to brush you up on that.” Tabby bent down and pulled out binders clearly labeled. The hours passed with us attempting to learn useless history dates and impossible chemical structures. The light outside slowly dipped down casting shadows across the room. Our laughter filled the room, erasing all the uncomfortable silence from earlier. Before either of realized what was happening my lips gently brushed against hers. The action caused butterflies to erupt in my stomach. The response from her wasn’t so pleasurable. She stiffened up and pulled away, shock filing her eyes.   Tabby’s POV: I automatically pulled away once I realized what was going. My lips craved to meet his again, but I held onto the little willpower I had left.  “So you think you can just walk in and kiss girls you only met a few hours ago?” I pushed back my chair ignoring his pleas for me to forgive him. “C’mon Tabby I didn’t even realize what I was doing, honest mistake!” The small smirk forming on his lips told me a different story. It was bad enough that I was already forming a small crush on this boy. Now he decides its okay to kiss without knowing the consequences. I grabbed my bag and started towards the door, but realized that I still needed Danielle and Cynthia. Making my way across the lawn I glanced over my shoulder to see Niall laying in the grass with his head in Danielle’s lap. The scene was something from the romance movies. It made me sick.  “Oi! Love birds!! I hate to break up your studying but it’s time we went home.” I threw open the gate to the yard and stormed up the path. I left the door open, expecting my other companions to follow in behind. A large hand caught my wrist and spun me around. Brown stared into green.  “You shouldn’t leave the door open, Love. Someone unwanted might walk in.” “Like you?” “Now why would I be unwanted? We just met after all.” That cheeky grin of his stretched from ear to ear. I wasn’t short like most girls, our height didn’t vary as much when he pulled me closer. Our noses brushed together before his lips found mine once again. It was heated, passionate, everything I always wanted in a first kiss. My hand slid down his chest, fingers intertwining in his belt loop. I never felt like this before. A new feeling washed over me. Lust, or something similar to it. All I know is that everything I thought about was suddenly turned towards him.  
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