Take Me Home~

Tabby Jackson and her Step-sister Danielle Williams have met the new boys in town. Harry and Niall were just a few of the Foreign exchange students from the United Kingdom. Liam, Louis, and Zayn also tag along for the experience. On the first day of second semester the boys met the girls...Along with horrifying secrets the youngest one holds. It's up to Tabby to protect them from going back to England, where powers beyond control have resided waiting on their return.


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Chapter 2: Tabby’s POV: I slid into the bus seat with Danielle nervously playing with the tape on the old seats. She smirked as Niall passed by our bus. He was headed to the one in front of us. “God I can’t wait till mom lets me drive to school.” It was a usual thing for her to blurt out. Ever since seventh grade when our parents married each other she commented about driving. Maybe it was because it gave us a little freedom. I was older than her by a month and so many days. Yet she seemed to forget that majority of the time. “I’ll be driving us to school first.” It never bothered me when she bragged about driving soon. It just got really really annoying. Before I had time to add anything else to my statement the bus got strangely quiet. “Oh.My.God. Look!! Just look at those angels sent from The Lord himself.” Her gaze locked on to Niall’s, causing him to break out into a big goofy grin. “You probably don’t even know what an angel looks like. Since you refuse to go to church like a normal person.” I blinked a few times before understanding what was going on. “Do they ride this bus to?” I saw his curls before I saw his eyes. Dark brown and pushed to the left, slightly messed up from his hour long nap. He was gorgeous. Luckily I caught myself starring at him an quickly looked away. But that didn’t stop his friend Louis from seeing my stare. “Well hello hello once again ladies. Pleasure seeing your breath taking faces for three whole hours non stop.” Harry’s eyes me mine for a split second before he flopped down in the seat behind me and Danielle. Niall eagerly leaned up and started talking with her about nothing. “Well hello to you to Louis.” I turned my back to the driver and sat cross legged in my seat. “So where do you guys get off at?” It was mostly directed towards Harry, but he seemed lost in thought. “Well me, Haz, and lover boy over here got assigned to the Jeffrey household.” “Aren’t they our neighbors Dani?” I lightly hit her head. It was hard to get her attention around cute boys like Niall. Another reason why she annoyed me sometimes. “Oi don’t mess with my hair ho.” She playfully shoved my hand away. Danielle wasn’t afraid to use words like bitch, fuck, whore, slut. It never bothered her. “And yeah they live next door. But aren’t they always gone on business trips?” “That’s what I thought too.” “Whatever. Only thing I know is that they have lots of money, and majority of the time I take the spare key they gave us and break in. Free fancy food is the best.” She decided to sit like I was. The only problem with that was Danielle had horrible balance. After we hit the first bump she almost pushed me out of the seat. “I swear Danielle if you ‘accidentally’ push me again I’ll lock you out of both houses.” “No you won’t. The boys will just let me crash at their new place. Right?” I rolled my eyes as Louis eagerly bobbed his head up and down. Before I knew it the bus was already stopping at our house. “Well.. Lets go Dani.” I grabbed her shirt and tugged her off the bus. Louis POV: Me and the lads hoped off the bus. Niall being the first to sprint into the house left the door wide open. “You trying to let a burglar in?” “No just Danielle!” “I highly doubt that she’ll actually come over to help us catch up.” “You never know mate. It seemed like she was eager for her and Tabby to help.” He winked and walked off to the kitchen. “Damn look at this food pile.” I shuffled into the kitchen, my eyes widening. The food was neatly piled up on the kitchen island. “Good lord. It’s like heaven for Niall.” Harry had snuck up behind us unnoticed. His eyes seemed distant and troubled. “What’s wrong Haz? It seems like the first day of Junior year has killed your soul.” I was just joking around. But he seemed to think it wasn’t. “Kidding bro. What’s up though?” My curiosity started to get the best of me. Was it the new neighbors making him like this? In my opinion the only to be going crazy about was either Cynthia and maybe Taylor. Tabby just seemed to quiet and Danielle came off as a player. “No mate it’s just-” a small knock came from the front of the house. Niall looked up from his pile of food, a cheeky grin spreading across his face. “Told ya they would come.”

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