Take Me Home~

Tabby Jackson and her Step-sister Danielle Williams have met the new boys in town. Harry and Niall were just a few of the Foreign exchange students from the United Kingdom. Liam, Louis, and Zayn also tag along for the experience. On the first day of second semester the boys met the girls...Along with horrifying secrets the youngest one holds. It's up to Tabby to protect them from going back to England, where powers beyond control have resided waiting on their return.


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Teachers POV: It was January, just a usual boring school day. Everyone in the class was dozing off to the new lesson, except for a few girls in the back. It was just a usual day for them…or was it? The girls sat with their books out, hiding the iPods in their laps. Small giggles escaped the tallest girls lips as she passed a note to one of the smaller girls. “Tabby! You need to stop worrying about this, we’re not going to get caught.” The small girl hissed under her breath. Tabby glanced nervously up at me, hoping I wasn’t watching them. Before she had enough time to blink, the door was flung open. A tall figure waltzed in, with a forced smile plastered on his face. Principle Jackson flicked the lights on moving his beady eyes around the room. “Well hello class. I have wonderful news. We have five new students here from the United Kingdom.” As he spoke a curly headed boy popped his head in the door way. A cheeky grin spread across his face. Dimples popping out. “Ah here’s the first arrival. Mr. Styles I presume.” He stepped in awkwardly glancing around before his eye caught hold of Tabby’s glance. “Erm.. Hullo. I’m Harry. Harry Styles.” I raised my eyebrow trying to place the name. Giving up I directed Harry to the back where Tabby sat. All the girls mouth gaped watching him slide into the hard seat. It was the Harry Styles. Hazza. No one spoke. No one even attempted to breath. The rumor that some British boys coming to school was true. Clearing her throat the small girl brushed back her hair about to introduce herself. “Oh look here comes the others. Mr. Horan, Mr. Payne, Mr. Malik, and the ever so fashionably late Mr. Tomlinson.” Four boys ran into the room breathing heavy and grinning wildly. Their hair was windblown from running down the hall. “Sorry…went to…the wrong…classroom.” Panting the blond one hunched over, making it hard to understand his Irish accent. Glancing up his eyes locked with the small girl by Tabby and Harry. They sat in the corner by the window. Harry had introduced them to the girls at the table. The blond one was named Niall and he made it very known he was Irish and proud of it. The one Mr. Jackson introduced as the fashionably late one was named Louis. Zayn had been standing behind Niall when they had bursted in, but he soon showed how much he loved literature. The last one he introduced was Liam, sweet and affectionate. “H-hi. I’m Tabby.” She blushed a scarlet red trying not to meet his eyes. A sudden feeling of adrenaline filled her veins. Such a strange sensation. “I’m Harry, like I said before.” He leaned back in his seat. Hands behind his head. “And what I’d like to know is who are your friends?” Harry nodded his head towards the other girls. Another dimpled smile spreading across his flawless face. “Well that’s Taylor.” She nodded towards the girl closest to the window playing a d.s. “and that one who just got up is Cynthia.” Another nod indicated who the Asian girl was. “And this is Danielle.” She pointed her finger at the small girl that caught Niall’s eye earlier. “Hi!” She perked up and smiled. Twirling a strand of hair she glanced over at Niall. Tabby dismissed her friends suddenly girly behavior and tried to pay attention to the new lesson. It was hard to comprehend what the teacher was saying. Harry’s POV: She was beautiful. The girl who sat in the back. Not the small girl. The tall one with the curls pulled off to the side. The teacher had introduced us and forced me into the seat next her. Niall had gladly taken up the seat next to the smaller one. Danielle I think. They were already some deep discussion about her iPod playlist. Gulping I turned towards Tabby to ask what the lesson was about but I froze. Her eyes locked into mine. No words could come out as those big brown eyes looked me over. She must have felt it to. Tabby turned towards the board again, cheeks deepening to a wine red. I had to admit it was usual thing. But I never had this feeling towards another person before. It was usually lust that filled me inside, but this time it was a totally different feeling. Snapping out of my trance I stared at the board. It seemed like forever before the bell finally rang. The aid had told me where to find the biology lab. It wasn’t very hard to find, but the crowded halls made me late. “And who might you be young man?” A lady with a high shrill voice stood in front of the class. Glasses perched on the end of her nose, she glared down at me. “Uhh… I’m Harry Styles. I’m a foreign exchange student from Cheshire, England.” My eyes traveled across the room. There she was. Tabby sat in the front desk, her hair pulled up into a bun. Safety glasses hung from a cord around her neck. “Well young man just because you’re new doesn’t mean much to me. I suggest that you learn how to navigate this school before next week.” She gave me a cold state. Chills ran up my spine as she seated me next to a tall boy. I was only paying attention to the teacher. The last few hours of school passed in a blur. Being put into a study hall for my seventh period class I ended up sleeping. My dreams consisted of the unknown beauty named Tabby. When I was rudely woken from my nap, my attitude changed immediately. Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn stood smirking down at me. “Having a nice nap Haz?” Louis reached over an flicked my ear. He knew I hated it. That’s the problem with having him as my best friend. Groaning I sat up and shook off the feeling of grogginess that overpowered my senses. “Yeah I did. To bad you guys don’t have study hall.” Niall let out a small nervous laugh. I automatically knew he had this class, but he obviously didn’t sleep in it. “Mate we all have this class along with Tabby and Danielle.” My eyes widened as he mentioned the two girls from history. “But you wouldn’t know since the teacher never showed up and you were snoring the whole class.” His blue eyes sparkled with excitement. He obviously had been in the corner talking to Danielle again. “And we kinda invited them to the house after school so we can catch up on all the things they’ve learned.” His voice was filled with a slight hint of nervousness. “Well thanks for informing me. My room is no where close to clean.” I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder. The fabric brushed against someone I didn’t see behind me in the next aisle over. “Sorry….” And that’s when I clearly saw this mysterious girl.

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