the boy down the road

this is about the boy who lives down the road it is not true but i made it with my friends we are really weird and one of my friends trys to kill us all the time so i just made a story


1. Him

My name is Jennifer and I live in just the average neighborhood but the thing is I just moved in to a house here with my mom and I noticed there was a house down the road and there was a boy about my age sitting at the window staring in my direction.So I told my mom I was going to go on a walk down the street and she said"Ok be careful." and then I was of to go to the house and meet the boy. As I was walking down the street the boy walked out of the house and started to walk down the street toward me.Half way down the street he stopped and I walked up to him and said "Hi! I'm Jennifer, what is your name?""Christopher" he said.then he just turned around and sprinted back to the house. What is his deal I thought?

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