Nobody Compares--Niall Fanfic

Marie has been best friends with every one in one direction for almost 2 years now. she is at here house when she hears a knock at the door and all the boys from one direction are there. they are off from work and are staying with her for the summer.... read to find out what happens :) *this is my first one so i hope you like*


8. Chapter 8

~Niall's POV~

Once we got home I said "Im gonna go head to bed" Every one said goodnight to me and i walked upstairs. Once i got in my room i changed out of my still damp and muddy clothes into a pair of sweat pants and a plain white T-shirt. I was really glad that Marie liked me, but I wish that it would have been less awkward at the time. I layed in bed and thought about her, and how she blushed when Louis said she liked me and i liked her. Thinking of her made me smile, and thinking that she actually liked me made my smile go from ear to ear.

~Marie's POV~

We came home, and everything was still pretty quiet. I hated that Louis told Niall, but i knew he did it for a reason, so i didnt care. The best think was that i found out that Niall likes me! Without Louis i would have never been able to figure that out and he would have never found out either. Once we camein the housse Niall just went into his room. I couldnt blame him because i would if i were him too. I wonder what he was thinking right now? I have liked him for a while now, and I hope everything will be ok between us, but i know they will because he is my best friend from the band, and we do almost everything together. I sat with the rest of the boys for a while, then i got tired of watching this show they seemed really into so i told them i was going to head off to bed. I went upstairs after saying goodnight to each of the boys. It was only about 10:30 so i knew everyone would be up for a while. As i went in my room i changed into my plad pajama pants and my sleep shirt. I wasnt really tired so i decided to watch a movie, and sat in my bed until it was over. Once the movie ended i headed to the bathroom. The room Niall and Liam were saying in was across the hall from mine. When i came out of the bathroom I knew Liam was still downstairs because i heard him and the other boys downstairs. I heard music coming from their room so i knew Niall was still up too. I wanted to talk to him about today even if it would be a little awkward i mean we needed to talk about it some time. I knocked on the door, and no answer. He must not have heard me over the loud music. So i knocked on the door harder. The music comming from his room turned down "Hello?" Niall's voice came through the door, and i opened it. As soon as Niall saw me in the doorway a small smile grew on his face. " Hi" i said kind of shyly.

~Niall's POV~

I wasnt upset about Louis telling Marie, i was actually glad. I was happy because i heard he knowck on the door and once i saw her i couldnt help but smile. Me and Marie are best friends, so i didnt want things to be weird between us and i really wanted to talk to her. "can i come in?" she asked politely." she looked over at me, and i nodded. She came in, and sat on Liam's bed that was across from mine. "Hey" she said grinning "Hi" i said smiling "well" she began " I was just.. you know... wondering if what Louis said was true?" "uhh... Yeah" I said feeling my face got warm and knowing that it was turning red she just smiled. After i said that i was kind of worried but then i saw the biggest smile appear on her face. "what about you" "Yes" she replied and i could hold me smile back i have been waiting to hear that for a long time. She came over to the foot of my bed where i was sitting and gave me a hug and said with a smile on her face " goodnight" "Night love" i said as she left my room.

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