Nobody Compares--Niall Fanfic

Marie has been best friends with every one in one direction for almost 2 years now. she is at here house when she hears a knock at the door and all the boys from one direction are there. they are off from work and are staying with her for the summer.... read to find out what happens :) *this is my first one so i hope you like*


7. Chapter 7

~Marie's POV~

"You guys go wake up Niall and i am going to get ready" I told them. They nodded and I started upstairs I walked in the bathroom, got a quick shower and got dried off. I put on some jeans with a blue T- shirt, and  hoodie. I kept my hair down, and a pair of shoes. I walked back downstairs still brushing my hair. As i walked into the kitchen all the boys were sat at the table waiting fro me. "Im ready to go" i said looking at them. " Well it took you long enough" Louis said joking and we all laughed and i rolled my eyes at him. We all headed to the car. Louis was dirving Zayn was sat in the passenger sea. I was between Niall and Liam and Hary next to Liam. We drove around for about 10 minutes. We told jokes the whole way there and were laughing, but i still didnt know were we were going.

~Louis POV~

Me, Liam, Zayn, and Harry planned this all out. This is how we were going to get Niall and Marie together. We planned a picinc at the park. Once we arrived at the park we all got out of the car, Niall and Maire were standing there confused about why we were at a park. I thought it was preety funny. I walked over to the trunk of the car to get the picinc stuff and then we walked to the top of this small hill and set everything up.  Liam handed out sandwitched, Zayn gave out dirnks, and Harry plates and napkins.  " Whats this for?" Maire  asked. " nothing... just something to do" Harry said. We planned out everything... just not how to tell them that they liked each other. I shot the Liam, Zayn, and Harry a look, like 'dont say anything' They all looked back with a look that made me know they understood. I just thought i would wing it. Near the end of the picnic we were cleaning up, and we put everything away. " Now what?" Maire  asked. I planned this one. " you'll see" i told her, and got a box from the car and reached in and revealed a water balloon, and threw it. It hit Marie on the arm, she just laughed. We got 5 more boxes out of the trunk of the car, and set them up. Me, Liam,  Harry,  and Zayn made all of the balloons last night. There was at least a thousand balloons all together. Each person got their own box of water balloons and they stood in front of them, then Zayn yelled "Ready... Set....GO!!"

~Niall's POV~

As Zayn yelled "GO" i reached in my box and got a balloon. I tossed it over at Louis. It hit his side. I cheered througing both my arms in the air. A burst of water splahed my back. I turned around to see Harry laughing. Then I threw one over at him, it his his sholder, and he got soaked. We were all getting really wet and it was really fun. We were all laughing and running around. Maire threw one over at Liam, and it hit his foot. I started to laugh at her bad aim.  " what are you laghing at?" Maire asked me " Nothing" i replyed trying not to laugh harder. " you try and do better" she told me " challenge accepted" I said and picked up a balloon.  i tossed it in her direction. It hit her in the face! "crap!" I shouted. Everyone stopped what there were doing and were looking at me as i ran to Marie "are you ok?... i didint mean to--" i was cut off when she splashed a balloon in my face and said " im fine" Everyone started to laugh. i smiled as i dried my face with my shirt. We threw water balloons until we ran out. We were all soaked and a bit muddy.  Louis got some towels out of the car and we all sat down to dry off a bit before we got back into the car. As we headed back to the car Louis was walking in front of all of us... then out of no were Louis just yells to Maire " Niall Likes you!!!!!" I didnt now what to do I was in a weird position. I turned away but i still felt all eyes on me. I felt my face start to burn and i knew i was turning red . I felt Louis put his arm around my sholder and he said " Dont worry Niall Marie likes you too" Louis got in the car and i avoided eye contact with anyone beacause i knew my face was still red. I sat in the passenger seat so i wouldnt have to sit next to Marie, and the whole car ride home was silent. Did Marie really like me? I smiled at the thought of it!

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