Nobody Compares--Niall Fanfic

Marie has been best friends with every one in one direction for almost 2 years now. she is at here house when she hears a knock at the door and all the boys from one direction are there. they are off from work and are staying with her for the summer.... read to find out what happens :) *this is my first one so i hope you like*


6. Chapter 6

~Niall's POV~

"i want you to..." Louis started. "be my slave for the rest of the night" Not as bad as i thought, but not really how i wanted to spend my night. "ok" i said while Louis was thinking. "go get me something to drink" he said, and with out saying anything i sighed and got up and went to the fridge and cout out a pepsie. I walked back over and handed the can to Louis. He smiled evilly and took a drink. The game went on rather normal- as normal a truth or dare game could be at least. When we got tired of playing we decided to watch a movie. "How 'bout a comey!" Marie said. "naw" Harry said "fine" Marie said back. "How about a horror?" Zayn suggested. "No I hate horror movies" Maire wined. "ok.. well how about an action film?" Liam said. We all agreed and while Harry went to put the tape in I made popcorn and we all sat down. Marie wasnt verry into the movie even though me and the lads thought it was a decent film. Louis kept making me do stuff for him and it was kind of getting old but Louis thought it was funny.

Half way throught the movie Marie fell asleep. Harry took her up to her room and we paused the movie so Harry could see the ending. When Harry came back downstairs we played the movie and watched it until the end. When the movie was over i was heading to my room said goodnight to the lads when Louis said " Hey Niall one more thing" "What" I replied getting even more annoyed with the stupid dare. " come over here" Louis told me. I didnt reallt want to listen to him but i knew if i didnt that he would just keep at it until i came over so i just thought i would save myself the time. I sat back on the chair i was sitting on and waited for someone to say anything. No one said anything for a while and i was getting even more tired "are you going to say anything or can i just go upstairs and go to sleep?" i asked. "Well.." Harry started "we kinda wanted to tell you or ask you something."  " do you like Marie" Liam asked after Harry was done talking "Um..." i didnt know what to say. I did like Marie and was planning on keeping it a secret. "No" i said "Are you sure?" Zayn asked "yes" i told him. " Oh come on Niall" Louis started "we know you do and dont try to deny it either" he said " how do you know?" i asked not knowing that i pretty much just told them that i liked her. "Well Louis told us" Harry said "how did you find out?" i asked turning to Louis "Well... long story short you told me when you were half asleep" I swore under my breath, so thats why he was acting weird when we first came to Marie's house. "so are you going to tell her?" Harry asked me. I just said 'no'. They were all questioning me why. "becasue i dont think she likes me... and i dont want to ruin our friendship." I told them and they seemed like they understood. We were all sitting there for a while and i stood up and let out a yawn signaling that i was tired "im going up to bed" i told them and they followed behind. I walked into me and Liam's room and Liam came in after me. I layed in my bed and Liam got in his. "so" he began and i knew he was going to try to talk about what just happeded while i was still trying to figure it out myself. "you should tell her you like her" he said "why?" i asked sitting up. "because she might like you too but if you dont tell her you wont ever know" He told me "i dont think i am going to still" i told him "well ok then" he replied. We didnt say anything else and Liam turned out the light and i heard him snoring so i knew he was asleep. I fell asleep about thirty minuted later becasue i was thinking of what Liam had said. should i tell her or not? I still dont think i am. I could think of it more tomorrow when i got up but i was really tired.

~Marie's POV~

I dont remember how i got into my room the other night but i am pretty sure one of the boys carried me up. I got up out of bed and i was getting really hungry so i went downstairs to go make us breakfast. I made bacon, eggs, and toast. I poured juice and got a plate for me and sat down to eat. I left out plated for each of the boys and i guess as soon as they smelt food they woke up because they all rushed down stairs except Niall. "Aww you made us breakfast!" Louis said kidding. As they grabbed their plates and put food on them. As they sat down i asked them where Niall was. "Hes still sleeping" Liam said as i got up to put my plate in the sink. "sleeping!?" i asked "its almost 11!" i said suprised. "Yeha we know" Harry said "and we planned something fun for today too!" Harry said happily. "like what" I asked him "Its a surprise" he said grinning. "ok" I said "what time does this 'surprise' happen?" I asked. "In about an hour" Zayn said. "Well some one better get Niall up then" i told them and they all got up and put their dished in the sink.

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