Nobody Compares--Niall Fanfic

Marie has been best friends with every one in one direction for almost 2 years now. she is at here house when she hears a knock at the door and all the boys from one direction are there. they are off from work and are staying with her for the summer.... read to find out what happens :) *this is my first one so i hope you like*


5. Chapter 5

~Louis POV~

*The next day*

"Ok lads today we will do the plan" I told Liam Zayn and Harry as we were walking down stairs. We sent Niall out to get some food and Maire was sitting downstairs watching the telly.

~Maire's POV~

All the boys came down stairs and Niall was out getting Nandos I think and I was watching some random show. " hey whatcha watchin?" Harry asked "oh hi.. nothin just some show" i replied as they all took seats in the living room. " hungry?" Liam asked "starving!" I said. Then Louis wispered into Zayn's ear. i couldnt hear what they were saying, but i was buzy talking to Liam to care. "anything interesting happen lately? Zayn suddenly asked after me and Liam ended our conversation. "um.. not really why?" i asked and chuckeled a little bit "just making conversation"Zayn replied. "so whats up?"

" nothing much I told you guys most of what happed scence i last seen you guys" i told him " well what is the the things you didnt tell us" Louis quickly said "um.. i dont know" I said trying to hide the fact that i thought they were up to something. " Well think child!!!" Louis said loudly. that made me laugh. "ok let me think.. unm well the day before you guys came I had pizza for dinner" i said sarcasticly " Ha ha verry funny" Harry said " well what else am i gonna say nothing really happened" i told him.

"tell us about... umm" Liam was trying to think of something to say.

~Louis POV~

We were running out of thing to ask Marie to try to get her to tell us how she felt about Niall

i wanted to try to not be so obvious but i guess i had to so i just did

~Marie's POV~

just then  Louis came out and said something that i was not very surprised that he said. " so. Marie you like anyone?"

"Maybe" i said trying not to give it away but i am not very good at hiding stuff like this. "so you do!!" Harry said excitedly "shut up harry" i said kidding and hitting his arm "who is it?" Louis said " is it someone we know huhh!"Louis asked "umm." i said thinking of what i wanted to say " yes you do know him" i didnt want to give who i liked away so i was trying to get them to get off the subject even thought i knew they wouldnt. " Well what is this kids name?" Zayn said " you know e will find out sooner or later so why dont you just save the time and tell us" he said with a smile on his face. " oh my gosh guys!!" i said blushing. "come one just tell us babe" Liam said. " ugg... fine i will tell you guys.. just because we are so close but you have to promise not to tell him"

"dont worry we won't" Harry said and they all were on the edge of their seats.

I started to blush even more and i guess my face was turning read and i could feel my cheeks getting hot and the boys started to laugh. " I-I like ... Niall" I said " but dont tell him please" i begged " i know he doesnt like me we are like best friends" i said pleading "well how do you know he doesnt like you?" Zayn asked "Well i really dont but i.. just think that way." " are you ever gonna tell Niall that you like him" Liam asked " "No!" yelled "and none of you are either"

"ohh you are no fun!" Louis whined

An then Niall opened the door and came in " I bring food" Niall yelled as he came in the door as he set the take out bags on the tabel. I shot the rest of the boys a 'you better not tell the guy i like i like him look' and all they did was smile, but i trusted them that they wouldnt tell Niall. We all sat down and ate and Louis told jokes and i forgot all about telling them that i like niall until we were done eating and Louis suggested that we play 'truth or dare' great.

~Niall's POV~

After Louis said that we should play truth or dare we all agreed and sat of the floor in a circle."im going first" Louis yelled "ok.. umm.. Niall!" Crap! i wanted to say truth because right now i didnt feel like doing any of the stupid things louis dares us to do but i would look stupid in front of Marie. I really like her and none of the boys least i think the first day we came in made me quesion that but i pushed the thought out of my mind to focus on the game. "dare" why did i say that. "ok Niall i dare you to..." i could tell he was putting a lot of thought into this " i want you to....


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