Nobody Compares--Niall Fanfic

Marie has been best friends with every one in one direction for almost 2 years now. she is at here house when she hears a knock at the door and all the boys from one direction are there. they are off from work and are staying with her for the summer.... read to find out what happens :) *this is my first one so i hope you like*


4. Chapter 4

~Louis POV~

I had a plan to help Niall with Marie even if he didnt know I knew that he liked her. Once every one finished there snacks Marie got up and collected the plates and put them in the sink. She started to put the water on and was going to wash everything. "hey" I said standing up and going over to were Maire was standing "I 'll clean up. Go sit down and relax." "ok thanks Lou. " she replied as she gave me a small hug and started to return to her chair starting to have a conversation with the rest of the boys. "LIAM" i screamed "What Louis" he asked kind of anoyed. "come here and help me!" Liam got up and came over to help. "Louis there are six plates here why do you need help?!" "I dont i need to tell you something" " oh umm ok" I motioned Liam to come closer and he did. I wispered in his ear so no one would hear us. " Ok... Niall.. Um.. has a crush on... Marie!" "WHAT!?" Liam yelled so loud I put my hand over his mouth and everyone was staring at us. "You guys know its not polite to stare?" I said. They went  back to talking and laughing. I uncovered Liam's mouth. And wispered again. " Dont tell anyone yet ok?" " Yeah sure.. but how do you know did he tell you?" " No he told me when he was half asleep, he doesnt remember telling me" "Ok so why did you tell me?" "well we need to see if Marie likes Niall to!" " alright" Liam said. "We will tell the other boys later and then talk about it" "ok" he replied and we started to wash the dishes.

~11:30 PM~

Everyone was in their rooms sleeping. I went to the room Liam was sleeping in and Niall was sleeping on a another bed in the room. Niall was asleep and so was Liam and i only wanted to wake Liam. I moved Liam around and i guess he remembered that i told him that i would be talking to all of them tonight so without making a noise he got out of bed and and he went into me and Harry's room. I went and got Zayn. He was harder to wake up but when i told him that i needed to talk to all of them he came too. When we got to the room Liam woke Harry and they were siting on the edge of the bed. Zayn sat down and  so did I. "Why did you need to get us up?" Zayn asked almost falling alseep againg. " Wait a second" Harry said " What?" " If you need to talk to us why isnt Niall here?" "Because its about Niall" "oh" Harry said and sat up straight and listened. " I told Liam this today and i thought i should tell you when no one was going to listen... Niall has a crush on Marie!" I said in an excited wisper. " What" Zayn said opening his eyes from resting. " Yeah he told me when he was halp asleep he doesnt remember telling me" "So what does this have to do with us?" Harry asked. "We need to find out if Marie likes Niall to." "ok.. how are we going to do that?" Zayn said "Well here is what we are going to do" I said and started explaining to them what was going to happen. We all fell asleep almost instantly after i explained what was going to happen

~Niall's POV~

I woke up early for some reason, and then I noticed that Liam wasnt in his bed. I got up and walked down stairs to go get breakfast, and i thought i would see someone down there but no one was. I walked back us stairs and looked in Zayn's room, and he wasnt there. I walked into Louis and Harry's room. There they all were, Liam sleeping on the bed and Zayn sleeping on the other and Harry on the floor and Louis half on the bed and half of. "Whatever" I thought to myself and closed the door. Marie was sleeping to. She had her cover over her head. I headed back down stairs and got out some eggs and bacon and started to cook. I made some for myself and some for everyone else if they ever woke up. Then I heard all the boys jumping around upstairs. They all ran downstairs with Marie behind all of them laughing. "Hey I made breakfast" i told them. They all got plates and sat down and ate. 


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