Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


3. Why?

  Scarlet's P.O.V

   I woke up and was in a room. I have no idea where I am.Then there was a scream.

" AAAHHHHH LOUIS GET OFF! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I knew exactly who it was. Kaya. i went to open the door and wow. it's locked. They really are new to this kidnapping thing. i pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and unlocked the door. huh. chumps. then out of nowhere Liam comes and pushes me into the wall.

" Where do you think your going?" Liam asks.

" I'm going to go cliff diving, No I'm going to keep my best friend from getting raped." oops my sarcasm took over there.

" Wait...RAPED!" He then looks so frantic there.

" No.... There drinking orange juice together and singing camp fire songs. Yes RAPED!" God Liam is so dumb. i heard that. well i don't care.

We run in and Kaya is crying.

"Privacy Please.we are in the middle of something" Louis says Way too casually.

" That is not something you should be too casual about."I totally was about to go off.

" Well it is very casual cause' your next." Louis grinned evilly.

" you are so sick this is ridiculous. we were your fans until you know you KIDNAPPED  and RAPED MY FRIEND HERE!! " I was pissed at that point.

"so leave us alone screw off and get off her or else in your sleep i will cut off what ever hangs where the sun don't shine." Louis' eyes got really big and immediately got off of Kaya and let her go. yeah they better back off.

Kaya's P.O.V

 Everyone in the room gasped. everyone. I ran up to Scarlet and gave her a hug. she walked me back to harry's room. while she was walking she turned around and gave Louis the bird. He Got Pissed. We walked into harry's room and he noticed us.

"Hey Kaya where have you- O MG Kaya what happened.?'

Scarlet decided to speak up " Louis." She muttered another line of cusses as Harry took me and she left.

Harry's P.O.V

I'm going to kill him. "LOUIS!!" i ran up to him and pinned him to the wall " IF YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN I WILL END YOU.. GOT IT,"

He slightly nodded because i then realized i was choking him

i released him.

Louis' P.O.V

Since when did Harry care about them. I don't for sure. But that's it I'm going 'Hunting'.

I was walking downstairs when 4 bodies blocked the door.

" Get outta my way" I finally left. I went to the park to find me some food. 

"hello" I say to this girl.

"hi" she says "oh my gosh your Louis Tomlinson"

" yeah can I show you some thing" I ask her.

"sure" she says.

"follow me" I say leading her into a alley. "close your eyes" I say. Wow some humans were stupid. Then I bite her neck and drain her blood. I let her fall to the ground and I went home. Her blood was good. I walked through the front door and Kaya was in the hall way.

Do I care what Harry says.


Is he more powerful than me.


So should I take my chances.


I start to walk towards her but she runs up stairs. I run after her to Harry's room. I open the door. Harry isn't there. Great. Kaya is in the corner of the room curled up in a ball. I run over to her and say.

"Let's have some fun" 

"Help" she screams. Then Scarlet bursts through the door.

" I thought I told you to leave her alone. Now i will end the line of little Louis'."

She reaches into her bra and grabs out a pocket knife.

" Why do you carry that?" i asked while backing away slowly.

" In case you choose not to listen to me."

" Well i am stronger than you."

" Challenge accepted."

she pulls out like ten more and there all in her pockets. She throws them at me! I push Kaya out of the way.

Liam walks past. and one hits me in the stomach.

Liam P.O.V

 I walk past Harry's room and Scarlet is standing there chucking knives at Louis.

" Go Or your next"

She totally freaked me out. i left.

Harry's P.O.V

I get back and I go to my room... I am Speechless.


" WELL FOR A VAMPIRE HE HAS HORRIBLE REFLEXES." Scarlet collects her knives and walks out.

" Kaya please tell me what just happened and why scarlet is cleaning knives and louis is laying on the ground stabbed"

She explains " Well scarlet told louis to leave me alone or she would cut off the thing that makes more louis, and he tried to rape me again and she came in and started throwing knives expecting him to dodge or something but he stood there like an idiot and he got hit."

"Louis get up your fine" I say.

"no it hurts" he says. I pull him to his feet.

"why do you care about them so much" He asks.

"I don't know" I say. 

"I'll be back Kaya" Louis says. I kick him out the door.

"you okay" I ask Kaya.

"yeah but I'm really hungry and all you have is blood and raw meat" Kaya says.

"oh I'll send Zayn to get some food" I say. Zayn go get food for Scarlet, Kaya, and Tianna



Okay Zayn says. Then Kaya gets up and sits on the bed. I sit next to her.

"can we watch pitch perfect?" She asks

"sure" I say turning it on. We watch the movie but Kaya falls asleep near the end. I fell asleep too.

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