Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?



Kaya's P.O.V

 I was heartbroken. Who ever did this is dead to me. We need to get to the bottom of this. Mason never did anything to deserve this.

"Scarlet, go into Mason's mind to figure out what happened."

" I just can't do tha-" i cut her off.

" Cut the crap, Scarlet i know you can, Harry told me. he can't keep secrets." she gave Harry a death glare. He shrugged it off.

Scarlet's P.O.V

I close my eyes, and automatically shot them open. I am now in Masons Mind. WHAT THE HELL!?

**** Mason's Mind.****

  Mason walks into the living room about to watch T.V.  He just got back from school, His father walks in. " Didn't I tell you not to touch the television!" His father yells. Mason nods his head slowly. His father steps towards him and Slaps him across the face. Mason holds his cheek as the red mark appeared. His father punches him in the stomach, Mason doubles over in pain. " Now go to your room!" His father yells while hitting him with an extension cord. Mason runs upstairs and goes to his room. He jumps out of the window and starts running. His father calls one of his friends to go and find him. When Mr.Bryant came, he wasn't the usual bubbly, nice, self, he was evil and angry. His eyes were filled of hatred and evil. It was terrifying thing ever. Mr.Bryant chased mason into an ally and beat him badly. Mr.Bryant just left after that.


FUCK THAT SHIT! THIS CAN'T  BE FOR REAL. I explain to everyone else what happened. Kaya punched a fucking wall. It will bite her in the ass once the adrenaline and anger fades off. Niall starts nervously running his fingers through his hair and pacing.

" What are we going to do with him." Kaya asked. Everyone shrugged.

" I'm taking him with us, My aunt lives in the next town I will drop him off there. " I said holding back tears. I really don't want to leave him there. He's gonna end up living there. Liam Healed Mason and we started walking back to the car. We got in and started driving. Niall was so angry and sad he gripped the wheel so tight that his knuckles turned white. He was not paying attention and


 We all get out of the car, human speed. We look in front of the car and we hit a Person. GREAT.

" What's your name are you okay?" Kaya asks, running her sentences together.

" I'm Cece, and I'm fine. I only have a few cuts" She says and as soon as she finishes that sentence the cuts heal. We all look at her wide eyed with our mouths open.

' I know you guys are vampires, I am too.'  She thinks to us. we all sigh in relief. We start talking and Drive back. She decides  to come with us.

" Holy crap forgot, can we drive over to get my sister Sam?" She asks. we all nod in agreement. We drive past her house and her sister walks out. As soon as Sam walks out, Louis' jaw dropped. Someone's in LOVE.

' would I say your in L-O-V-E? well If you were me then you would!'  I thought to Louis. He gave me the finger. I returned it with pleasure. There was not enough space so Sam sat on Louis' lap. Both of their cheeks turned bright red. We got back to the house, We were staying in a house for the next month and played truth or dare, thanks to Louis.

Zayn's P.O.V

Cece was stunning. She was beautiful and she was a Vampire.

'your beautiful' I think to Cece and only Cece.

'aw thanks your cute' She thinks back with a wink. We were playing truth or dare and it was my turn.

"um Kaya truth or Dare"

" um Truth" Kaya says.

"um what are your parents like?" I ask her.

"well I'm Adopted so I never really knew my parents but I think you guys have met my parent already so yeah " Kaya says.

"why would we have already met them?" I ask.

"because " She says looking at Louis.

"me and Kaya are twins" Louis says. Everyone Gasps.

"oh okay so you raped your sister three times and got her pregnant, your such a great brother" Liam says with Sarcasm in his voice.

" I said I was sorry" Louis says looking at the ground. We all laugh.

"okay so Truth or dare Scarlet" Kaya says.

"truth" Scarlet says.

"Have you ever thought about Drake while you are dating Niall?" Kaya asks.

"who's Drake" Niall asks.

"Drake was this dude-" Scarlet starts to say but Kaya interrupts her.

"She was in L-O-V-E With before she was with Niall, She would always go to his house and bang him, and she would send him nudes and She kissed and snogged him ALL the time and He would send nudes to her and she sent me them and they are on my phone as evidence that Scarlet has been in a Sexually relationship" Kaya says with a 'Payback' type of smile. we all looked at Scarlet.

"let me see the pictures" Niall says. Kaya takes out her phone but Scarlet snatches it from her.

"I will smash it" Scarlet threatened.

"no don't hurt Christopher" Kaya pleaded she had tears in her eyes.

"it would be a shame if" Scarlet says raising the phone in the air.

"Nooooooooooo" Kaya says crying. Bravo bravo! What a great act.

"come on Scarlet give her it back" Harry says. Kaya looks at Scarlet in the eyes and says.

"Give me my phone" Kaya's eyes had a hint of purple in them then they went back to blue. Scarlet's eyes went black and she gave the phone to Kaya, Then Scarlet's eyes went back to normal.

"How did you get the phone back?" Scarlet asks.

"I have special eyes" Kaya says. We all look at her. "I have the power to make people do anything I want" Kaya adds.

"do it again" Cece says.

"okay" Kaya says hen looks at Niall. His eyes went back and yet again Kaya's eyes had a hint of purple in them.  "Niall tell us who's your best friend in this circle" Kaya says.

"Kaya, Your my best friend" Niall says.

"no Fair you made him say that" Liam pouts.

"no I didn't" Kaya says.

"what happened" Niall asks once his eyes go back to normal.

"Kaya made you say who your best friend was and you said Kaya was your best friend" Liam pouted.

"well" Niall says holding the 'L'.

"hey" Liam says. We all laugh.

"I'm going to my room come on Zayn" Tianna says.

"I want to stay down here" I say. Tianna rolls her eyes and walks to her bunk.

Cece's P.O.V

I really liked Zayn. No one seemed to like Tianna at all. She seemed like a bitch. I wanted to date Zayn but Tianna's his girlfriend but he doesn't seem so happy with her so I'll ask Zayn out later.

"Kaya truth or dare" Scarlet asked.

"ummm Dare"

" I dare you to go to the neighbor's house naked and knock on the door." Scarlet replied with that Payback times two Bitch smile. Kaya sighed and actually did it. When she left I gave Scarlet a high five. When Kaya came back in she had a towel wrapped around herself.

"where'd you get that?" Scarlet asks her.

"you guys are evil, The Neighbors Daughter answered the door and gave me a towel" Kaya says. We all fall on the floor laughing.

"Cece Truth or Dare" Kaya asked.

"truth" I say.

"are you a Virgin?" Kaya asks with a smirk.

"um yes" I say. I had never ....... you know...... done it with anyone yet. I had just never been ready. Then The game just ended. Sam went ahead a walked home. We were all sitting on the couch, Minus Tianna. Then Kaya starts breathing really fast.

"oh no" Harry says.

"what?" I ask.

"Kaya" Harry says. I look at Kaya.


" Kaya I suggest you shut up" Scarlet says.

"NO I'M GOING TO TELL THEM, OKAY SO I THINK I AM.. UM WHAT DID I THINK AGAIN?" Kaya says. "Oh YEAH I'M PREGNANT" Kaya yells. Everyones jaw dropped. Then Kaya passes out.

"Did she just say P-P-P-Pregnant?" Nial asks.

"yep" Scarlet says.

Scarlet's P.O.V

Kaya just told everyone she was pregnant.

"Liam can you check and see if she is?" Louis asks.

"yeah" Liam says and walks over to kaya. He lays her on her back  and lifts up her shirt and puts his hand on her stomach. He closes his eyes.

"so is she Pregnant?" Zayn asks.

"yes" Liam says. I looked at Harry. Harry hadn't said anything yet.

"Harry?" I say. He looks at me.

"wait is it Harry's kid?" I ask Liam.

"um well no" Liam says.

"WHAT?!?!" Harry yells.

"who's kid is it?" Niall asks.

"I can't tell yet but I'll tell you as soon as I can tell" Liam says. Harry just stormed up stairs. I needed to talk to Kaya as soon as possible.

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