Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


14. Talking?

Scarlet's P.O.V

 Kaya's eyes fluttered open. Everyone started at her.

"Hey guys" She smiles. No one said anything. "what's wrong?" She asks. No One said anything. "where's Hary?" She asks.

"He's upstairs" Liam said. Then it looked like a light went on in Kaya's Head.

"I told you guys, Didn't I" She says.

"yep" I say.

Tianna's POV

As I was walking to Zayns bunk I heard noises the curtain was closed so I opened it and there was Cece and Zayn.SNOGGING.

"What the Fuck" I yell

They both stare at me like dumb dogs

I feel my eyes turn from gold to red to black then back to Red

Zayn could tell I was upset

I then felt this drop in my heart and the a shatter my eyes then turn the brown and tears stream down my face. All I could do was stare at the while crying until I felt my legs and ran away from the scene everybody everything everyone who considered me as the Bitch. I noticed how cold I felt now it was nearly 90 degrees outside but my body felt like 30 on the inside.I then stopped at Exit 69 i fell to the ground and just started sobbing thinking if what the hell I've done.I noticed how sensitive I was and I noticed how dedicated I felt and was becoming if only they could understand how I feel.


Kaya's POV

As I was watching TV I saw Tianna leave crying after she closed the bus door i yelled


I heard excitement in everyone but Zayn

"Whats wrong Lad" Niall asked.

"I made her leave" Zayn says

We all yelled


"No its not good shes changing Tianna never cried after being a ghost she was crying when she left she is changing you guys made her life horriable that she couodn't she wanted to change but couldn't because of you guys CALLING HER A FUCKING BITCH"

"Zayn she never cared about any of us" I say. "She played wih my feelings even before we got kidnapped by you guys" I add.

 we knew Zayn was upset But we didn't go near him so he could calm down and he even ignored Cece wgen she tried to comfort him


"Im going to find her" He quickly stood up and stormed off none of us holding him back because he would just push us and there he was out the door.


Tianna's POV

I was sitting in front of a railroad track as I was trying to.kill myself. the train was just about an inch away from me and I didn't want it to miss.

To Little To Late

I felt arms around my waistpushing me. I fell out of the way of the train just as it was about to hit me.I waited for the train to pass to see who pushed me.

It was Zayn.



"Not gonna happen"


"I Know you trying to change Titch I mean Tianna"

"What did you just call me what they do Tianna the Bitch"

"NO I didn't mean to Tianna"

'Goodbye Zayn have fun screwing and fucking Cece"

With that I walked away


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