Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


15. She's Gone?

Zayn's P.O.V

My heart was broken. She was gone. Why Did She Have To Be So Difficult ! She Just Never Listens To Me! Maybe it's a good thing she left! I trudge back to the bus. I felt horrible that I was the one who made her leave. I opened the tour bus doors to see everyone, except Harry who was in his bunk and Kaya who was sitting on the floor. I guess Cece had left.

"Zayn are you okay? Where's Tianna?" Kaya asks getting up from the floor walking towards me. She wraps here hands around me.

"I'm fine but Tianna's gone" I say.

"aww Zayn I know you loved her" Kaya says hugging me tighter.

" I'm fine Kaya, She was playing with my feelings I need to move on now" I say. Kaya looks up and me smiling.

"good job Zayn" She says. She sit back down on the floor and I sit next to her.

Harry's P.O.V

Kaya Was Having A Kid and It Isn't Mine!?! This makes no sense! I stormed to my bunk and laied down in my bunk. I needed a break. I got up and walked into the living room. I walked past everyone and left the bus. I needed blood. I went into town and led girl after girl after girl into the alley's to suck they're blood. I needed more.

Scarlet's P.O.V

Harry left 2 hours ago I was starting to get worried. I knew Kaya was worried. I had to find him.

"guys I have to find Harry" I say getting up.

"I'm coming too" Kaya says. We both walk off the bus. We start walking down alley ways. Kaya was wearing a really shory skirtwith a red shirt with a leather jacket and leather knee high boots. I wore a mid thigh tight fitted red dress with the same type of boots as Kaya. Then Kaya pulls something out of nowhere.

"what's that?" I ask her.

"A spell book I got, whenwe were in the house I followed Harry into the vampire deminsion and I stole this book" She says.

"okay" I say. Kaya opened the book.

"Hello lady's" Someone says. We both look to where the voice was coming from. There was a group of guys standing in front of us. Kaya ran up to one of the guys and bit into his neck. I did the same to the another guy. We both did that to all the guys then Kaya put on a fresh coat of red lipstick and kissed all of the guys cheeks and we left. We shouted Harry's name.....Nothing.

"this is all my fault" Kaya says starting to cry.

"Kaya don't blame yourself" I say.
"No it's my fault, If I hadn't had sex with Liam everything would be find" Kaya says. WAIT WHAT?

"You had sex with LIAM?" I say.

"yeah but It wasn' my fault" Kaya says.

"then whose fault was it?" I ask her.

"Tianna's" Kaya says.

"how is it Tianna's fault?" I ask.

"Tianna told us that if we didn't do it she would kill us" Kaya says. Seriously I'm glad Titch it gone. Then Kaya falls to the ground.

"KAYA!!!" I scream.

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