Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


8. Oh My Gurd!

 Harry's P.O.V

 Now I need to figure out how to reverse the hypnosis. It is really hard to think when snogging. I pulled away.

" Kaya, Babe i need to go." 

" okay," she seemed kind of suspicious, I hope she doesn't blow this out of proportions. Like thinking that i am cheating. I walk over to scarlet and put her under the strongest sleeping spell I could find. That should keep her from causing some serious self esteem damage. When Louis turned me into a vampire he taught me a lot of spells I just had to remember them. 

Okay, I went to the portal. This portal goes to the vampire dimension. 

" Hello, Harry welcome to the vampire library, can i help you?"

"yes I need a book on taking spells off people" I say. She points me to the shelf and I walk over to it. I look through the shelve and find this one book. I sit down and start looking through it.

"Hi Harry" Someone says sitting next to me.

"Kaya what are you doing here" I whisper yell. 

"well I was suspicious when you left so I followed you you went into this door so I followed after you and now I'm here" She says.

"you can't be here" I say.

"why?" Kaya asked.

"this is the Vampire Dimension if anyone finds out you are human here they will kill you" I say. 

"oh...Well how do I get out" Kaya asks.

"Go back through the portal." 

" Oh Okay," she leaves.

Okay according to this book, There is only one way. Oh No.

Kaya's P.O.V

That is so classic of me. Snooping my way into a dangerous dimension. But Harry was doing something, I didn't get to see what he was reading. But the dimension was so weird I didn't want to leave so I didn't.

I pretended to leave then got out of Harry's sight. I looked at all the books and found an interesting one called 'Hypnosis and spells'. It was really small. I put it in my purse and left the dimension.

I went To Harry's room and read a page. It was so weird. The words were written in cursive and I could really read them that much but the spells were great. I'm not a wizard so I can't actually do any of them but I wanted to. I closed the book and put in in my purse. Were we going on tour or not. I got kicked out of my house by my parents and I didn't want to have to deal with Tianna and Scarlet. 

I walk out of Harry's room and go down stairs. Tianna and Zayn were sitting on the couch.

"Ugh" I groan walking past them then Tianna trips my and I fall on my face. "ow bitch" I say.

"what did you just call me" Tianna says in her sassy tone.

"I called you a B-I-T-C-H  bitch, "i say "wish you would go back to the underworld"

"I am not an idiot."

" well if you want someone to kick your ass then just ask." I say with my 'I could care less about the words coming out of your mouth.' attitude.

" Is that a challenge?" she asks with the evil smile.

"Sure why not?"

She starts punching and punching. somethings not right. she is not that strong. after a while I just kick her off and pull zayn aside.

" Something you need to tell me?" I said, I am pretty pissed.

"umm" He says.

"Nevermind " I say turning back to Tianna. Her face was all bloody. She was on the floor out cold. "Just take that bitch back to the underworld she's already caused enough trouble" I say turning to Zayn who was just standing there.

"I-I-I.." Zayn says.

"You what" I say still pissed.

"I-I-I... I can't" He says.

"yes you can " I say. Then I hear something.

"Kaya" I turn around. It was Tianna's ghost. "hope your happy breaking someones heart" she says then disappears.

"she's gone" Zayn says.

"what" I ask.


"you can't possibly think this is all my fault" I say.

"IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT" Zayn yells. His eyes went red and his fangs came out.  I stepped back but tripped over Tianna's lifeless body. "Zayn" I say. He starts walking closer to me. "Zayn stop your scaring me" I say. But He got closer and closer. He looked like he wanted to kill me. DAFUQ? Out of no where he jumps at me and pins me to a wall. He stabbed me. IN THE FUCKING STOMACH! You know me and I scream.

"WTF! ZAYN, I AM PREGNANT! YOU JUST KILLED A HELPLESS CHILD! MY CHILD!" That took the last of my energy. I fell to the ground. The last thing I saw was Harry walking through the door and Zayn's eyes going back to normal.

Harry's P.O.V

I got the book and went back in the portal and closed it.I put the book on my bed and went down stairs. When I was on the top of the stairs I hear Kaya Scream.

I run down the stairs to see Kaya on the ground bleeding and Zayn holding a knife.

"ZAYN WHAT HAPPENED" I yell looking at Zayn.

"umm I stabbed Kaya" He says.

"WHY?" I say still yelling.

"she made Tianna have to go back to the underworld forever" Zayn says.

"we have to get her to a hospital, Wait, I thought Tianna was immortal." I say starting to panic. "LOUIS" I yell. Louis runs down stairs. 

"what happened" He asks looking at Kaya. 

"no time we have to get her to a hospital" I say. I pick up Kaya and Carry her to car. 

Zayn's P.O.V

Wait, She is Immortal. That means.... MIND CONTROL. I am such an idiot.

"You got that right baby"  Tianna says appearing behind me.

" then what the FUCK, I could have killed her." I am really pissed. Me and Kaya were best friends. Now she will NEVER trust me, because I just kinda killed her child.

"There is nothing wrong with it. Now she can have a child with Harold, I am totally shocked you can't hear them at night."

Gross. I did not need to hear that. "okay...but it was still rude."

" oh please, Scarlet was going to kill it at one point."Tianna replied.

"so that doesn't mean you can kill it now" I say. She really was being a Bitch.

I grabbed Tianna by the arm and dragged her to the hospital.

Harry's P.O.V

Zayn walks in dragging Tianna. I saw at least 20 people take pictures. Gonna hear shit about it tomorrow.

"WTF? Why is she here I thought she died." I say, this can't be happening,

"Well she used mind control on me and pretended she was dead." Zayn says. THAT BITCH!

"She must really like mind control," I says

" what makes you say that?" He says.

"She used mind control on scarlet, that is why Scarlet is being an ass."
Zayn lets Tianna stand up and grabs her by the hair and takes her into the bathroom. Haha BITCH!

Kaya's P.O.V

I am thinking one thing, BITCHES BE CRAYZAY.(Thx domix) I will kill Zayn, and his ugly ass girlfriend. I know that bitch isn't dead. Bitch. I know my child is dead. The doctor comes in.

"I am sorry but the baby did not make it." SHIT. I had a sliver of hope.

he walks out to tell the guys. he says i can leave. All of the guys walk in... and Tianna. I point to Zayn and Tianna, Give them the finger and point to the door. Assholes.

"Babe I am so sorry," Harry says. He is so sad about this.

" I am sorry, for everything. we wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for me." Louis is now crying.

"It is okay Lou I forgive you, hey where is Scarlet?"

"SHIT!" Harry yells as he runs out of the door.

"Language!" Liam yells.

I think it is better off that I don't know what the hell is going on.

"okay.... um can we leave here" I ask.

"yeah lets go" Niall says

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