Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


9. I am waiting to die.

Harry's P.O.V

Ever since we got back home, Kaya has not been talking eating or anything. She has been crying alot... and cutting. This is hitting her hard. Scarlet is still asleep. Zayn is sad too, he ruined a friendship with Kaya. She doesn't smile laugh or exhibit any emotion at all. I am really worried. That BITCH Tianna just killed her friend. 

Kaya's P.O.V

It's been 4 days since we've been home. I really don't feel like talking,right now, or EVER. I feel like shit. and I fell bad for Scarl-

"OMG I am so sorry! I am such an ass! I did not mean to be so rude to you. Right after this I am about go and kick that bitches ass wanna- Hey what's wrong?" Scarlet says.

" Tianna, Hypnotized Zayn into thinking I killed her and he stabbed me in the stomach, I lost my baby." I was trying not to cry but tears came running. Scarlet gave me a hug, pulled away and gave me an apologetic look.

"HARRY COME COMFORT YOUR GIRLFRIEND! SHE IS CRYING. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS" Scarlet yells. Scarlet is definitely back to normal. I hope her and Niall don't plan on having kids, because once the baby starts crying she will hand it to Niall.

'i heard that and it is most certainly true.'

"Scarlet?" I ask, I am so scared I could shit bricks.

'yes?' she asks. '

Holy Fuck. If she can hear that then, She's a


Scarlet's P.O.V

She passed out.

'harold your girlfriend passed out.'

' don't call me that' he says

' yeah yeah don't shit your self '

Harry comes downstairs carrying Kaya.

'aww look how cute Kaya looks when sleeping?' i think to Niall

'yeah, i guess. Hey wanna prank her to wake her up' Niall says.

'perfect, you draw a mustache on her, and I will get the bucket of ice water.'

The plan was in motion I didn't get to see the mustache Niall drew I just ran in and dumped the ice water.

"What The Fuck guys!" Kaya yells. At least she's awake. I looked at her and automatically did a face palm.

" Niall, The mustache was supposed to go on her face, not her arm." i say. He is just too adorable.

" I thought the tattoo was cooler."he says innocently. I could only laugh. He pulled me in for a kiss. How could anyone hate this guy.

" Speaking of Tattoos, I was thinking, do you want one?" He asks.

" I don't know Niall, I don't like needles.Where would I get it?" I ask.

" Let's talk about it upstairs." Niall says. we heard groans from everyone in the living room.

"Don't be too loud. We heard you last time." Liam says.

" Okay 1. ewww 2. that was not us. that was the Curly twins over there." I said walking upstairs

" we have not even done it yet" Niall says. it was awkward.

We walked into my room and sat on the bed.

" I was thinking Here." Niall said while poking my shoulder.

" No. If I am getting a tattoo then it has to be somewhere where people don't usually get them. Niall was about to say something.

"NO. Don't even say it." i say.

' okay then why not get it on your ass.' he think/says what ever it's called.

'NIALL. I said not to say it.'

' I didn't say it, i thought it.' That clever Irish boy. Then laughter erupts from downstairs.

" NIALL!" I yell, This was awkward.

" I didn't do anything, they listened in." He says. I run downstairs..

I whisper to Niall: " I know how to get them to shut the fuck up."

"How?" he asks.

"PDA... Kiss me you're irish."

" Nice play on words"

He kisses me. all of the laughter turns into 'ewwws' and 'gross'. I feel like I live with kindergarteners we pulled away. and sat down on the couch.

"Hey let's watch Paranormal activity 4" Louis says.

" Sorry but Scarlet has to go get her tattoo." Niall says.

' what the hell Niall we didn't discuss this.'

' would you rather pretend to get poked by a needle or watch something get dragged across the room'

'good point.'

' If Scarlet doesn't come back with a tattoo you both will be tickled to death.' harry think talks.

'can we ever get a private thinking conversation?' i ask

' no, no you cannot'

We get to the tattoo parlor. Turns out Niall is getting one too. we are getting matching ones. Mine is on my back and It says Love my Niall. His is on his back that says Crazy for Scarlet. I had to take off my shirt. Niall clenched his fists because the guy making my tattoo was staring at my boobs. Awkward. we take pictures of our tattoos and post them on twitter. After that we went to the mall. I went to Victoria's Secret I made Niall come with me inside.He made me buy these really skimpy lacy underwear. We got back to the house and everyone was staring at us. We just walked in and ran upstairs.

"What was that about?" i ask Niall.

" I don't Know?" he says

Niall's P.O.V

That was weird. Today was fun.

' mate you are the most jacked up person' harry think talks.

' why what'd i do?' i ask

' it's not what you did it's what you thought, at Victoria's secret.'

' oh yeahhhh.' i thought in that If you know what i mean voice. I heard 5 hands smack faces. Face palms.

I was only thinking about what we were going to do tonight. Awkward

Scarlet P.O.V

I heard everything that was just said. And wish that I didn't. I was about to shower but I went to the door and locked it. Just in case. I mean I know Niall won't Rape me. Unlike some people.

"I SAID I WAS SORRY!" Louis yelled.


I am in the shower when I feel Someone behind me.

" Kiss me I'm Irish." Niall says.

" Niall get out," I say pointing to the door.

" But I just want to shower with the most beautiful princess in the world." He says

" awww. how flattering. get out." He leaves.

I start singing Kiss You. I peak out of the shower and there are 5 guys filming this. I cange the words to F*** you. They posted it on twitter.

Kaya's P.O.V

I got out of bed and got my razor. I cut my wrist three times. It hurt at first but the pain soon turned into pleasure.I put the razor away and sneaked down stairs. I need to change.

I grabbed the keys to Harry's car and left. I got to the tattoo parlor and asked if I could get a tattoo. I got a tattoo that says 'No Hope' On the wrist that I didn't cut  yet.

"Thanks " I say as I leave. Next I go to a beauty salon. I get my hair dyed black with pink tips and in the middle of the pink and the black their is Blonde. "bye" I say as I leave to do one last thing before I go to the bar.

I go to a piercing place and got a new 2 new piercing on my ears. I looked in the mirror. I was completely different. I leave the place and I drive to the  bar. I  walked in and the loud music fills my ears. I walk over to the bar and get a shot.

"Hello" Someone says from behind me. I turn around. It was Liam. I hid my face.

"hi" I say. He sits down next to me. oh my god oh my god oh my god what am I going to do.

"what's your name" He asks. Um think Kaya think.

"umm Olivia" I say. Really Kaya. Olivia.

"well hi Olivia I'm Liam" He says. I should leave. I gulp down my second shot and get up. 

"I gotta leave" I say. Then he grabs my arm.

"let me drive you" He says. I pull my arm away.

"bye" I say then run out and get in Harry's car. I drive back home and open the front door.

"where have you been" Someone says. The lights were out. 

"Scarlet?" I say.

"yes now where have you been everyone else went out to the bar" She says.

" I just went out to do stuff" I say. Kaya your dead. Then I walk past her and up the stairs. I go to the bathroom. I hid 2 beers in the cabinet under the sink. I got one out and started drinking it.

"Kaya I want to know exactly where you were" Scarlet says knocking on the door. "Kaya are you drinking I smell alcohol " Scarlet says Then opens the door. "Kaya? Is that you" she says. I look at her and she gasps. 

"I'm going to bed" I say and push past her. 

"no Kaya...." But I cut her off.

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE I JUST WANT TO DIE" I yell and and walk into my room and slam the door. I get in bed and start to cry. About 20 minutes later I drift to sleep. But about 10 minutes later I hear  7 people walk in. Shizz-Nip.

"Where were you yesterday?" Louis asks

" Why Is your hair different?" Niall asks.

"Where is Kaya?" Liam asks. Everyone looks at him like he's crazy.

" That is the girl I saw at the bar yesterday. Her name is Olivia." Liam Explains.

"Let's go talk about this." Louis says walking Liam out.




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