Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


2. Concert

Kaya's P.O.V

The concert was ending and Me, Tianna, and scarlet had backstage passes. We were on our way back stage. I opened a door hoping it was the bathroom but when I opened the door I saw Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Harry around a girl who was laying on a table. They were sucking her blood. but Niall was just watching them.

"guys we have company" Liam says lifting his head and wiping the blood off of his mouth. I turned and ran to Tianna and scarlet.

"we have to leave" I say grabbing their arms pulling them.

"why?" Tianna asks.

"c'mon we just have to go" I say still pulling then. Then Harry ends up in front of us.

"your not going any where" Then he covers my mouth and picks me up. Tianna and Scarlet were about to scream when Niall and Liam come and put their hands over their mouths . we were carried to a van and a blanket was put over us. But I could here their conversation.

"what are we going to do with them?" Louis says.

"kill them" Liam says.

"no were not murderers" Harry says.

"we kill everyone we eat" Zayn says.

"so what are we going to do?" Louis repeats.

"I don't know" Harry says then I blacked out. When I awaken I'm tied to a bed. I try to get out but I can't. Then the door opens.

"Hello what is you name" Louis it was Louis.

"Kaya" I say.

"well Kaya we are going to have some fun" He says with a devious smile. Was he going to rape me? He gets on top of me and takes off my shirt and my pants. ugh he is such a perv. He gets undressed and is now naked.

****************************************************NO DETAIL I THINK YOU GET IT************************************************************************

 He finally untied me. As soon as he did i curled up with my knees in my chest.

" Take a nap love. relax." Louis laughs and leaves. thank god. love, we can all hear your thoughts. crap. no longer a fan. that's kind of offensive. zayn says.

" breakfast is ready" I could hardly stand but I went down stairs expecting Tianna and Scarlet to be down but the weren't. I tried to go back up but Louis grabbed my arm. Your not going any where . What happened to the girls? they are perfectly fine. Niall says kinda sad. wait SAD!? What did they mean bye that.

"where are Tianna and Scarlet" I ask. They all look at me.

"I said their fine" Niall said kinda angry now.

"And I asked you where they were" I say. Then Zayn with his super speed pins me to the wall. "I'm not scared of you" I say. but the truth was. I was terrified.

"Zayn stop" Harry says. Zayn lets go and goes up stairs.

"now where are Tianna and Scarlet" I say again. 

"ugh which is which" Liam says.

"Tianna is the one with brown hair and colorful tips" I say.

"She is with Niall and the other one is with Liam" Louis says. 

"can I see them?" I ask. and before they could say no I made a mad dash upstairs and went into a random room.

"Kaya" Tianna says. I lock the door and walk over to the bed. Tianna wasn't tied up she was fine. 

"did they do anything to you?" I ask.

"No did they hurt you" Tianna asks. I didn't say anything. "I''m going to kill them one of them raped you didn't one of them" Tianna says with anger in her voice.

"you can't I'm pretty sure their Vampires" I say.

"well that's why they were sucking that girls blood" She says. now we have to get out.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis raped Kaya. 

"what the fuck man you were't suppose to rape her" I say pushing Louis. 

"what you can tonight" Louis says. WTF!

"no she is sleeping in my room tonight and you can't stop my" I say.

"okay" Louis says. I knew he was going to pull something. I went up stairs to Niall's room and turned the door knob. Locked.

"let me in" I say.

"just leave us alone" Kaya says. I liked Kaya she was cute but she hated us.

"I promise I won't hurt you" I say.

"Like how Louis didn't hurt me uh no" Kaya says. I get out the key and unlock the door and open it. 

"Please don't hurt us" Tianna says.

"Kaya I didn't know Louis would rape you and If I would have known I would have stopped him" I said. They both looked scared. Kaya gets up from the bed and looks in the hall way.

"which is your room" She asks.

"the door right across from this one" I say. Kaya runs and opens the door and runs in.

"I promise you Niall won't hurt you he's a big sweet heart" I say then leave to my room. When I open the door I see Kaya curled up with her knees up to her chest in a ball on the bed. "your fine I won't hurt you I promise" I say then she puts her knees down. She was in a T shirt and under wear. I ran to Louis room and got her clothes and ran back and gave them to her she put on the Jumper but left the pants off. She laid down in the bed and pulled the covers over herself. I laid down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. "sorry" I say letting her go.

"no It's okay" she says. and I wrap my arms around her again.

Kaya's P.O.V

I might sound crazy but I felt safe around Harry. I hated Louis and the rest of the guys but I felt safe around Harry. I couldn't sleep. I just sat there from 4 hours doing nothing then someone grabbed my leg and dragged me away. I was to scared I couldn't scream. They dragged me to their room.

"Hello again" They say. It was Louis.

"leave me alone" I say but he tied me to the bed. He got me undressed he got undressed.

******************************************NOT GOING INTO DETAIL***********************************************************************


A/n Hey it's Me Kitty Kat Kaya thx and no hate cuz im beautiful : )

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