Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


1. Character Profiles

Name: Scarlet Rose Thompson

Age: 18 1/2 

Birthday: February 2nd

Appearance: Long black Hair Blue and purple tips, 5'11"

Nicknames: Rosie,

Personality: Bright and Bubbly flirt funny

Friends: Kaya Tianna


Name: Kaya Leigh

Age: 19 1/2

Birthday: March 9th

Appearance: Long CurlyBlonde Hair colored tips, 5'12"

Nicknames: Kay, Kitty Kat

Personality: Bright Bubbly HUNGRY Flirt

Friends: Scarlet Tianna


Name: Tianna Roberts

Age: 17

Birthday:March 8th

Appearance: Long brown hair colorful tips 5'9"


Personality: Bright bubbly dancer funny creative

Friends: Scarlet Kaya

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