Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


10. Changes

Liam's P.O.V

I was so confused. Wasn't that Olivia. Me and Louis went to my room.

"Liam who's Olivia" Louis asks me.

"this girl I met at the bar yesterday" I say. " she looks exactly like Kaya" I add.

"but that's Kaya in the bed not Olivia you probably saw Kaya and she told you her name was Olivia" Louis says.

"why would she do that?" I ask.

"I don't Know" Louis says with a shrug.

"what's Today?" I ask.

"Wednesday" Louis says.

"we have to leave for tour today at 4pm" I say. I run and get a suit case and start packing Louis goes to tell the boys.

Harry's P.O.V 

We all went into Me and Kaya's room. I let Kaya sleep in their by herself because she doesn't want to talk to anyone. Liam called her Olivia. What was that about. Louis and Liam left. 

"Kaya?" Niall said.

"what?" she says. she looked up. she was at the verge of tears.

"Oh my god you got new piercings their awesome" Scarlet says. We all look at her. "oh um but on the over hand you just can't leave without telling us" She says.

"Guys we leave for Tour at 4pm" Louis says opening the door everyone left the room but I stay and start to get packed.

"Harry" Kaya says from the bed.

"what" I say looking up at her.

"I have to stay here don't I" she says. I didn't really know if they could go.

" No you can come, I think."

She gets up and starts packing. we really need to keep an eye on her. 

Scarlet's P.O.V

Niall told me that we could go on tour with them so I started packing.

"Is Tianna going?" I ask Niall as I pack.

"Yeah" He mumbles.

"ugh" I groan. I can't believe they would let that bitch come.

'I heard that' Tianna thought to me. 

'I don't care' I think back. "What time is it" I ask Niall.

"um it's 3:02 pm" Niall says looking at his watch.

" I 'm done packing" I say picking up my suit case. I carry my suitcase down stairs and put it by the front door. I walk into the living room and sit on the couch and turn on the TV. Then Kaya comes down stairs with her bag and puts it next to mine near the front of the door. Then she walks and sits on the recliner. 

"Kaya" I say. She looks up at me. "why'd you change?" I ask her. She just turned her attention back to the TV. "Kaya" I say louder. nothing. Then Zayn comes down. Kaya looked at him then looked away with a hurt expression. They were best friends but Tianna ruined everything. 

"Hi" I say to Zayn. He looks at me and waves. That's a good thing. Right? Then He comes into the living room and sits on the couch next to me. It was silent. and it was the worst kind of silent. The awkward silent. 

"guys we have to leave" Niall says coming down stairs being followed by Harry, Louis, and Liam. we all get our bags and get in the car. While we were driving to the airport, I decided that it would be the best time to try out my new powers. First I faded into the seat and was Inside of the engine. I accidentally kicked something and the car stopped. Oops. I came back to my seat. The next power I used was my power to go into people's minds. I decided to go into Kaya's mind.

"OMG stop the car!" Niall yelled. I guess when you go into people's minds you don't look good.

Oops. So much for subtle.

Niall's P.O.V

I was sleeping then the car stopped. I went out to help fix it and then sat back in the car.  I got back and Scarlet was sitting there frozen. She was Very pale, no pupils and not breathing.

"Guys, Very funny nice prank." I can't believe this

"We aren't pranking you, why what's wrong?" Harry asks worried.

" Look at Scarlet."

They all looked at her and got scared.

" SCARLET, SCARLET, SCARLET!" she wakes up or snaps out of it.

' what was that about?' I think to her

' oh a new power to go into people's mind.' she says

' at least you are okay.'

******** SKIP THE PLANE RIDE AND STUFF************

Scarlet's P.O.V

We were on our way to the tour bus. Niall told everyone else except Kaya and Tianna. But something I saw in Kaya's mind wasn't right. There were texts and black mail from a guy named Jake. Wait... Jake.  remember him. Jake randolph. Him and Kaya used to be best friends until that day.....


We were 15 it was summer and me and Kaya were about to leave for the park.

"Scarlet let's go " Kaya said pulling me to the park. We were suppose to meet Jake at the park. 

"okay gosh I'm coming" I say.

"Jake!" Kaya screams when we get to the park.

"Kaya" Jake screams from the swing set. She ran up and hugged him.

"Hi Scarlet" Jake says.

"hey Jake" I Say. 

"Jake um can you climb a tree" Kaya asks Jake. 

"yes" He says.

" I can climb it faster" Kaya says running to the tree. 

"your on" Jake says. Then they start climbing. About three minutes later I hear a loud thud and Kaya scream 

"Jake!!" I spin around to see Jake lying on the ground. I walk over and see Jakes head bleeding.

"Kaya what Happened" I yell at her aas the climbs down the tree. she hops out of the tree landing on her feet.

"well we were climbing and he fell" Kaya says.

"what do we do" I ask. 

"leave" Kaya says.

"what " I say completely surprised.

"leave lets go" She says running away. I followed her and we never saw Jake again.


Jake's still alive? He's going to hate us. He already hates Kaya. 

"guys I don't know what to do" I say after telling them. They all stare at me.

"I don't know" Niall says hugging me. Then we get to the tour bus. 

"oh my god this is huge" I say opening the door to the bus. We all walk in and claim our bunks. Kaya goes to her bunk. They were like bunk beds so There was a top bed and a lower bed.

"guys lets go out" Louis suggests. 

"do you think we could get Kaya to come with" I ask.

"uh I don't know" Niall says.

"we have to talk to her or something" I say.

"does she have anything really important to her" Harry asks. 

"shit" I curse to my self remembering something important.

"what" Liam asks.

"Kaya has a baby kitten His name is Jedi she would do anything for him" I say.

"where is he?" Louis asks.

"he's with her friend Lola I could call her" I say.

"call her" Harry says. I dialed her number and she answered.

"Hello?" Lola said.

"hey Lola " I say. 

"hey Scarlet  do you know when Kaya's coming back I have Jedi and he misses her" Lola says.

"yeah can you come and you'll meet me at Starbucks and you can give him to me with his stuff" I say.

"sure" Lola says "I'll meet you there" She says then hangs up. 

"I'm going to go pick Jedi up" I say grabbing my purse I walk out the bus and walk to Starbucks. 

"Hi Lola" I say when I see her holding Jedi In his kennel.

"Hi Scarlet " She says giving me the kennel and Jedi's things.

"bye" I say walking away. I walk back to the tour bus and open the bus door.

Guys I''m back" I say walking in.

"Hi Scarlet" Niall says. 

"Harry call Kaya" I say to Harry.

"Kaya would you please come here!" Harry yells.

"okay what do you want" Kaya says getting out of bed. I let Jedi Out of his kennel and He jumps into Kaya's arms. "oh Jedi I've missed you so much baby" Kaya says. she was smiling.

"meow" Jedi says in a cats Meow.

"guys oh my gosh she's smiling" Louis says. 

"how did you guys get him here" Kaya asks. 

"I called Lola and she brought him" I say.

"thank you so much " Kaya says. She carries him to her  bed and gets in.

"guys I don't think this will change anything" I say. "because Kaya she is really and when I say really I mean REALLY hard to please and really hard to get out of a bad time" I add. 

"then how do we help her?" Harry asks.

"well the only person who could  help her get out of a bad time was Jake and now he's black mailing her" I say. Then The bus starts to move. 

"when's the first concert?" I ask.

"um tomorrow'' Niall says.

" Okay that gives absolutely NO time. Because if you Niall want to pull me onstage, then Harry will have to bring Kaya and etc." If Kaya was here and normal, then she would have bust out laughing. When I say etc. I really mean out of thinking capacity.

" Wait I have a plan..." I give The guys a evil smile.

' I don't know babe. It's risky' Niall think talks.

' oh yeah well i am hungry!' I think back.

Niall nods in agreement and we run off. We find jake in an ally, he's being beat up.

" JAKE!"  I yell acting really concerned.

" Scarlet?" He said with his last bit of energy. I get the guy that was beating him to go away. and after he left, I looked at him.

" You will never get away with what you did to Kaya." I spat through my teeth. He looked at me with fear Then I drank the life out of him. To keep him from being revived by other vampires, I cut him up and through him into the river. I went back to the bus with Niall.

" Kaya, do you feel better?" I ask her.

" I feel fine, but why do you smell funny?"

" Umm no reason." I say walking away. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I put on pj's. Niall burst through the door.

" Kaya wants to talk to you." He says.

" Okay baby" I walk up to him and give him a kiss. I get to Kaya and Harry's room vampire speed.

" Scarlet, I am very mad and disappointed at you" She says in that Motherly tone.

"I am so sorry and I just wanted you to be happy. not depressed." I said I feel horrible.

" Scarlet, I was not sad or depressed earlier. I was just really Tired." She said that and I face palmed my self and stormed out of the house. I went and fed and fed and fed. Now I have  Like 7 more powers.Sweet. I get to the bus and my Vampire senses went out of control. My Eyes turned  Black and I craved one thing. BLOOD. I ran to go get Kaya. because she is the only human and then I tripped. All the boys ran out. They stood in front of me blocking my path. I hissed.

" GET OUT OF MY WAY" I say through gritted teeth.

Niall comes up to me. My eyes change back. I am very weak

"" I say before my eyes change to black... again and I start beating the crap out of Liam and Louis. Once again I am putting under a sleeping spell. GREAT.

Niall's P.O.V

I was watching a movie in Scarlet an I's room and then I heard a crash. all of the boys came out of their rooms. It was Scarlet. She was so dark and evil.

" GET OUT OF MY WAY" She yells. Then she goes back saying

"Help me" She is so weak. Harry puts her under a sleeping spell. I get a cup of water and carry her upstairs. I pour the water into her mouth and she wakes up.

" My head, what happened?" she says still really weak.

"Well you almost killed Kaya, due to you drinking way too much blood."

" Fu-dge." she says.

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