Three Words

Scarlet, Tianna,and Kaya are besties. But what happens when Kaya walks in on One Direction drinking a girl's blood.Should they trust 1D?


16. Buildings..... And Buses?

Harry's P.O.V

I was sucking the blood out of this girl when I hear someone screaming Kaya. I dropped the girl and my eyes instantly turned from being red to being their normal Emerald Green. I jumped to the top of the buildings and ran to were I heard her name.

 I stood on the top of a building and looked to where the voice was. I saw Scarlet in a alley with Kaya laying on the ground.

"Harry" She was crying.

"Kaya" Scarlet says.

"This is all my fault, Harry is probably 1'00 miles away and He doesn't love me any more, and if he did love me he would be here right now and he isn't Is He?" Kaya cries

I look back down at the girl and then at Kaya and Scarlet then I run to find someone the one person I knew it was wrong to brng back.....TIANNA.

Tianna's P.O.V

 I was walking around town bored as hell, and I Crashed into someone

" HARRY?" I yelled confused.

" Look Tianna, We are all really sorry, yes you were mean and you almost killed Scarlet and Kaya but we were wrong to treat you like we did, Sorry.... From us all"

' I forgive you all. Now what do you need."

" Kaya is in trouble I need your help."

" Okay"

Harry's P.O.V

We went back to where Kaya and Scarlet were. 

"I can't do this anymore Scarlet, Nothing is fine anymore, I'm leaving forever, Tell Liam That I'm sorry and that I Love Him, And Tell Zayn that I forgive him, and Tell Louis and Niall that I'll miss them and lastly if Harry ever comes back tell him that he deserves someone better than me and that he should get over me" Kaya says. I was hurt. She Loved Liam...and it hurt.

"Kaya please don't leave" Scarlet pleads.

"why shouldn't I no one loves me, my own parents don't even love me  if you can name one person who loves me I'll stay" Kaya says. I was about to say something when someone else says something. 

"I Love You" It was Liam. Kaya looked up at Liam.

"Li-Liam" Kaya says. She jumped up and Hugged him. It hurt. Scarlet looked up and saw me and Tianna.  I was crying . Tianna put her hand on my back. 

"Harry I'm so sorry" She says. "Scarlet Looked at me and mouthed.

"come down" jumped down with Tianna. Kaya heard and looked at me. 

"Harry?!?" She exclaimed. I could tell she was torn between me and Liam. I Loved her first but I also left her first too. "Why is Titch with you?" Kaya asks. I was about to reply when Kaya says something else. "Your going out with her aren't you?" She had tears in her Eyes and she was still with Liam. 

"No Kaya It's Not like that" Tianna says. 

"Yes it is its exactly like that, we'll guess what Titch Zayn has gotten over you" Kaya says. I Knew that hurt Tianna. 

"Kaya"Liam said.

"No Liam everyone deserves the truth right now, You know what Tianna did to me and Liam?" Kaya asked. 

"No" I say. 

"She made Liam and me have sex" Kaya says. I look at Tianna and stepped away from her. 

"Tianna "I say.

"I knew I should never came back.. Just so everyone could hate my ass and just screw me up I'm sorry Harry I just can't" Tianna says. She then takes a knife and aims for her stomach.... But just before she can a hand stops her. "Zayn?"We all look at him in surprise.

" I think it would be better for us all if we just start on a clean slate." I say.

' A new slate, A clean leaf, Another cheek, The different pa-" Zayn starts before I cut him off.

" I think we get it, now let's get some frozen yogurt." I say as we start walking down the street. Tianna was about to say something when a Bus comes and runs her over.

" TIANNA!!!"  Zayn, Liam, and I yell.

"YES!" Scarlet yells. We all turn around to look at her.

" What? I like to see people get hit by cars and stuff." She says, In that casual manner that doesn't give a clue whether she's joking or being serious.

" FUCK YES!" Kaya yells.

" Language!" Liam says in a Daddy directioner tone.

" SUCK MY NON-EXISTING DICK LIAM!!" She yells back! He looks so offended.

" So what exactly was that 'Fuck yes' for?" Zayn asks rather intrigued, because of the fact that his girlfriend just got hit by a bus.

" Oh, That wasn't about Tianna," Kaya starts.

" Then what was it about?" Scarlet asks.

" I just got to level 3 in temple run 2, That's pretty hard." Kaya says. we all just laugh and walk away. Completely forgetting about Tianna's shriveled, dirty, contorted, disgusting, ugly, blob of a corpse

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